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Another Bloodthirsty Jew Calling for War and Genocide against Iranians

Psychopathic Jews have a hard time stopping their evil Jewish genetics manifesting in their actions and behavior. Yet another Jew, Jeffrey Goldberg, has admitted openly, his biological desires to murder and drink the blood of non-Jews, in this case Iranians.

The U.S. has often been feckless in its response to genocide. In the years leading up to World War II, and even during the war itself, it didn’t do nearly what it could have to offer refuge to Europe’s Jews and to thwart Adolf Hitler’s Final Solution, although much later we did build some excellent museums commemorating the event.

Our words since then have sometimes rung hollow. “Never again,” the slogan goes, but, as David Rieff once said, in actual practice “never again” has meant, “Never again will Germans kill Jews in Europe in the 1940s.”

The writer Ron Rosenbaum, in an essay for Slate that I mentioned last week, asks the question: How much discussion about the Holocaust is too much? Why does he raise this now? Because we’re approaching a pivotal moment in the continuing drama surrounding Iran’s nuclear progress — and that means the U.S. may once again find itself in a position to confront the threat of genocide.


Jew Jeffrey Goldberg on, a Jewish propaganda outlet: “With Iran Talking Genocide, Obama Must Show Courage”, Sep 4, 2012