Anakin Skywalker finds guilty Jew sand-people who killed his mother – Slaughters entire Kike village

The militant National Socialist revolutionary legend Anakin Skywalker didn’t leave a single Jew alive, and rightly so. These murderous Semitic sand-people were guilty of killing his innocent Aryan Swedish mother.

Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones – “Young Skywalker is in pain” (Imperial March) (sub ITA)

Anakin kills sand people photo f_Anakinm_3c2ec8c.gif

What would You do if you found the dirty Hebrew sand-people who were responsible for your mother’s death? The obvious proper response to any Jewish criminality is to wipe out Shlomo and eradicate his entire Middle Eastern family tree.

Anakin Skywalker finds out about the evil nature of the repulsive Jewish Race

Anakin received the news that one of the hooknosed Jew sandpeople had survived the slaughter. The devoted militant National Socialist was immediately filled with shame and self-loathing. He could never forgive himself for such a grave mistake. We can’t leave a single one of these devious merchants of Israel alive!