International Jewry Thirst For Iranian Blood

“We should add that Univision, that produced the documentary we just saw is owned by Israeli-American media mogul Chaim Saban

– Russia Today

Univision promoting war with Iran?

Enemy Jew Leon Trotsky: “I hate all Jews!”

Jewish Communism – Hell on Earth

“As to my origin, I cannot help being born a Jew, but I hate and despise all those of my race, and they know it, since they have cursed me in their synagogue!”

Trotsky was a Jew, his family were Jews, he married a Jew, his children were Jews, his senior Bolshevik comrades were overwhelmingly Jews, he mixed with German communist Jews (inc Rosa Luxemburg), he even used to play chess with supposed bourgeois; Baron Rothschild Jew in Vienna.

Genocidal Mass-murdering lying rat Jews sometimes get what they all deserve, as in the case of Leon Trotsky (real name Lev Davidovich Bronshtein) who was hacked to death with an ice axe.

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Jew Pedophile ADL Acts Angry and Surprised over Age-Old Practice of Jews Spitting on Christians

Have you seen a more cowardly yellow-bellied race? Jews are a collective of evil trash and filth.

Have you seen a more cowardly yellow-bellied race? Jews are a collective of evil trash and filth.

(1) Jewish spitting on Christians is a “decades-old” practice that the ADL is ONLY NOW getting around to condemning, meaning that it is only doing so in the interests of keeping pro-Israel Christians mired in their delusion that there is common ground between Jews and them. Were it not for the internet and the fact that there is no longer a Jewish stranglehold on information, ADL would be keeping its big fat mouth closed about it, so therefore–

(2) Abe Foxman and the ADL are LYING. They aren’t in THE LEAST BIT bothered by this vile practice, because the fact of the matter is that ADL SPITS ON CHRISTIANS EVERY DAY in a more subtle way, meaning its spying, subterfuge and sabotage of Christian morals and sensitivities.

– Mark Glenn of The Ugly Truth