Poplawski and the Zionist-Controlled Government – Jews are Pushing People to the Edge

On April 4th 2009, three Pittsburgh police officers were shot and killed by Richard Poplawski. The Jewish mass-media interviewed his friend, Edward Perkovic:

Best friend: Cop killer feared gun ban, “Zionist-controlled” government, and military policing

“He just believed in our right to bear arms. He believe in hard economic times, we’re going to put forth gun bans and that sort of thing. He basically believed in what our forefathers had put before us, and was being distorted by the Zionist-controlled government, and he didn’t believe in that.”

“He just basically told me he didn’t like the Zionist control over our government, he didn’t like that there was about to be military policing, he didn’t believe in the fact that there was about to be a gun ban. He didn’t like anything that was going on in the political forefront, and he was basically very politically active, and he didn’t agree with what was going on right now in the United States of America.”

Jew Crime-Boss Netanyahu Explains what a Bomb looks like to the Stupid “Goyyim” Cattle Slaves

Jew ring-leader Netanyahu brought a diagram to explain to the stupid non-Jew “gentiles” how much he wants to drink Iranian blood. But the cattle should take care of the slaughtering, since Jews are pathetic cowards. Look at his face expression, and you can clearly see the typical loud-mouthed arrogance and supremacy that is biologically inherent in all Jews:

“This is a bomb, this is a fuse [You get that you stupid ‘goyys’?]”

Netanyahu Brings Visual Aid “Bomb Drawing” To UN General Assembly Speech

Golden Dawn to Crush Jews on International Level – Opens up Chapters in NY, Australia, Spain, Canada

Melbourne, Australia

Local Golden Dawn supporters attend Greek Independence Day celebrations in Melbourne, 2012.

The Golden Dawn Melbourne Facebook page has attracted more than 2500 followers – with many friends from overseas – and the proponents are planning to organize regular meetings to discuss nationalistic policies and widen appeal for a political party that has been condemned worldwide.

The Facebook page lists the group’s favorite quote as: “Northern Greece, Cyprus, Macedonia, the battle continues as in Australia blood and honor, Golden Dawn.”

The Australian/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council was alerted to the Melbourne group from Greece and has warned that its extremist agenda could not be tolerated.

New York, U.S.

Golden Dawn has reinforced its global struggle to free the World from the tyrannic Jewish occupation, by opening up a chapter in the middle of a fortified Jewish stronghold, New York City.

The party has been repeatedly condemned by Greek and international Jewish  groups as racist and anti-Semitic. Their leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, has a  penchant for “Heil Hitler” salutes and in recent interviews denied the existence  of gas chambers at Nazi death camps.

The New York chapter vows to help their brethren in Greece “resist and  overcome the genocidal multi-culturalist, and anti-Hellenic agenda of the New  World Order,” and combat the “unholy alliance of the bankers, the media, corrupt  politicians and the educational system.”

Montreal, Canada

Canada is under the control of a brutal Jewish occupation force. Organized resistance like Golden Dawn is the only way to crush Jews and liberate a nation from an eternal parasite cockroach.

The Greek neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party has set up an office in New York City in a  bid to bolster its support among expatriate Greek communities, Greek media is  reporting.

Similar drives also have been held in Melbourne, Australia and Montreal, Canada, Kathimerini said.


Spain is in chaos! If you approve of it, please thank Jew bankers and Jew high finance.

The article says the Golden Dawn leader will travel to the city of Málaga in November to create the extension of the party.

Spain is in chaos at the moment yet lacks a major Nationalist party. It could be fertile ground for the Golden Dawn – lets hope they have some expansion plans drawn up for other European countries!


The Golden Dawn already has an associated party in Cyprus, by the way.


Newsnet14.com: Greece’s Golden Dawn opens office in New York City

Stormfront.org: Golden Dawn party will expand to Spain in November!

Jewish Daily Forward: Greek Neo-Nazis Open New York Office – ‘Greeks Only’ Golden Dawn Party Grows With Economic Woe http://forward.com/articles/163285/greek-neo-nazis-open-new-york-office/#ixzz27rfpjxMd

Greeks are Starving because of Jewish Plundering – Golden Dawn Distributes Food

Golden Dawn distributes food outside Greek parliament

Golden Dawn is reconquering their nation from the filthy Jew parasites that pillaged it through Jewish-owned financial institutions. Golden Dawn is using the same legendary tactics as the National Socialists in Germany. Golden Dawn is providing clothing to the naked and shivering Greek woman, who was stripped bare and raped by vile pedophile Jews. Golden Dawn is feeding the hungry Greek families, who were left without food after the ransacking by Jew high finance and banking.

National Socialism in Germany. Since the eternal hero Adolf Hitler had unlimited love for his people, he strengthened the unity among them and fed them when they were hungry. The war-torn Germans in the picture were also facing an invasion, back in the 1940’s it was as it is in Greece today, led by Jew communists.

Jews are behind the crisis in Greece. Read: The Rape Of Greece By Jewish Bankers