Even Enemy Jews in Canada Fear Golden Dawn – Coward Yids Know Their Time is Up!

Jews, you have nothing to fear! Just embrace death! It is after all, for the benefit of the universe.

Even though Canada is on the other side of the planet from Greece, Jews occupying Canada have not been able to escape their fear and hatred of Greeks. As Golden Dawn is reconquering Greece, a nation suffering under a brutal Jewish occupation, vile Jews in the furthest corners of the planet can sense that their end is near. Filthy Yids understand, that if only one nation manages to break free from the chokehold of International Jewry, it will lead to a domino effect, knocking out and cracking open the skull of Jew after Jew.

Golden Dawn is solving the Jewish Problem the way it has always been done, the only way: militant fanatic organized National Socialist activism.

Watch the Jewish propaganda outlet based in Canada, ‘Global News’ and their pathetic weeping about the Golden Dawn:

Global National: Greece’s fascist party Golden Dawn gains support with austerity measures in place

Support Rising for Golden Dawn – Greeks Demand Their Nation Break Free from Zion’s Death-Grip

“…The party which has garnered the highest percentage of increased support is  Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi) which now polls 13.5 percent compared to 7 percent in  June. Another poll puts Golden Dawn on 12 percent…”

NordFront.se – Golden Dawn support increases – Party up in 13.5 percent

Greece far-right party Golden Dawn: ‘We are in civil war’