Vile Inhuman Jews Torture, Abuse and Humiliate Defenceless Innocent Mentally Disabled Arabs

Witness how the depraved murderous Jewish race treats innocent human beings, who had the misfortune of having their homeland invaded by an organized crime ring of genocidal maniacs. International Jewry must and will suffer for their eternal crimes.

فيديو يكشف جنود إسرائيلين ينكلون بشاب فلسطيني

Organize! Here is the manual: Corneliu Zelea Codreanu – For My Legionaries: The Iron Guard (1936)

Nick Griffin: “BNP Welcomes Enemy Jews, National Socialists NOT Welcome!”

nick griffin bnp jew

This is a completely suicidal strategy if enforced in reality by the leadership of the ‘British National Party’. The door can NEVER be left open to the eternal vermin KIKEroach. It will totally destroy the entire organization from within. International Jewry is exterminating the British Peoples through ‘immivasion’. These filthy depraved Yids can not under any circumstances be invited into any National Socialist or Fascist organization. The only action that should be taken with Zion, is to crush its thick skull!

Jew Adam Kokesh Confronts Gun Grabbing Enemy Jews

Rabbi Adam Kokesh. He entered the 911-truth movement when he realized that the truth was getting out. The truth that Jews mass-murdered Americans on Sept 11, 2001. He made sure that the real culprits would never be blamed. Just the survival instinct of a slimy Kike-roach.

You are looking into the dead eyes of hooknosed rabbi Adam Kokesh (a.k.a. KIKEsh). He is one of countless subversive enemy Jews who infiltrated the 911-truth movement when he realized that the truth was getting out. The truth that Jews mass murdered Americans on Sept 11, 2001. He made sure that the real culprits would never be blamed. Just the survival instinct of a slimy KIKEroach.

Rabbi Adam Kokesh (a.k.a. KIKEsh) once again goes out to prove that there actually exists “good Jews”, and once again, it is an absolute failure. In the video below you will witness how a hooknosed monster with a camera goes out to protest against gun-grabbers. Just a coincidence perhaps, but 30-40 gun-grabbing Communist NKVD Jews show up immediately to attack him. As always, everything this bearded Anarcho-Capitalist does is an EPIC FAIL, but is a pleasure to watch regardless. Enjoy!

AVTM punks “one million” moms for “gun control”

What Adam KIKEsh won’t tell you, is that his filthy tribe is fully responsible for disarming and enslaving not only the people in America, but all other Peoples on planet Earth. After all, the slave “goyy” cattle must not be able to resist their kosher-slaughter:

Jews Lead Gun Control Charge

Enemy Jews own most Gaming Companies

One of the most dangerous Jewish poisons of our games!

One of the most dangerous Jewish poisons of our time: video games!

On Forum, the user “Save Our People” has documented the Jews that own and control one of the most destructive modern weapons of our age: gaming.

Blizzard Entertainment, CEO Michael Morhaime (jew): The World Of Warcraft franchise attracts teens into a fantasy world that never ends. They charge 15$ per month from each teenage gamer, and have over 11 million subscribers. Owned by Activision.

Running With Scissors, Michael Jaret (jew): Known to produce the worlds most violent and degrading video games. In the game ‘Postal‘, the player’s objective is to shoot priests, blond women and white rednecks, set them on fire with gasoline, and there’s even an option to urinate on your enemies which forced them to vomit so you can kill them more easily. Quote from Michael Jaret’s profile page on his website: “ISRAEL 4 LIFE MOTHA *censored*!! LECHAYEM!

Michael’s videogame-inspired “schtick” is to violently attack whites with a Postal banner, as seen on this video from Russian television. He was allowed by the jewish owners of the network to go on the show, beat down a blond impersonator, throw him off the stage and continue on with the show. He proudly features this and many other videos like this on his site:

Mike J presents at the GLA’s Russia

Activision, most known for their extremely successful Call of Duty Series. These are some of the most popular games played on the internet. In most of these games, the player shoots, burns, and stabs an endless stream of german soldiers. The franchise has even been criticised for using a repetitive theme, which finally forced the developers to make one game set in the future, but the evil faction were still white. Writer: Michael Schiffer, Composer: Justin Skomarovsky. Everyone on the development teams of these games, except the designers, are jews.

CEO, Robert Kotick (jew):

Vivendi, CEO Jean Bernard Levy (jew). Owns companies like Activision, and BMG: The largest business group and family of record labels in the recording industry. With a 25.5% market share (est. 2005), it is one of the “big four” record companies. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vivendi; Universal Studios (run by jews). UMG owns the largest music publishing business in the world, Universal Music Publishing Group, following the acquisition of BMG Music Publishing in May 2007.

Bethesda Softworks, Owned by Zenimax, CEO: Robert Altman (jew), Jerry Bruckheimer (jew), Leslie Moonves (jew), Harry Sloan (jew), Bethesda: Vlatko Andonov (jew), Executive Producer: Todd Howard (jew)

The company’s original founder, Chris Weaver, had transformed the company from a committee-run organization to one run which had to follow “a single person’s vision”: his. “For 18 years,” Weaver stated, “from 1981 through 1999, all the money that was invested in the company was my own.” The company was then bought by Zenimax company, which is dominated by these jews:

Source: Jews own most gaming companies

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