“Payback Day is Coming! We Will Soon Deal with our Traitors and Enemy Jews!” – Dr. William Pierce

We need to cleanse all our respective nations from traitors and enemy Jews.

“…And all the while they hammer into us day and night with their media the defeatist notion that the multiculturalism they have imposed on us is here to stay, that there’s nothing we can do about it, and so we’d better get used to it. They believe that they’ve got us beaten down to the point now where nothing will make us rebel.

Well, listen Jewboys! You’re dead wrong. Just let a few more of our women and children get butchered by your multicultural pets, and you’ll see what we can do about it. The war isn’t over, and this time we’ll fight with our gloves off. Payback day is coming. We’ll start with the traitors among our own people, with the politicians and the journalists. But we will get around to you. Believe me, we will!”

The Killing of Kayla by Dr. William Pierce

The slimy throat of the Jew is made for choking!

The Slimy Jewish Hand reaches for the Throat of Hindus and Indians

Rabbi David Rosen on Hindu-Jewish relationship

It is unclear if rabbi David Rosen has distanced himself from the Jewish ritual of Metzitzah B’peh, the oral suction of baby boy penises. It cannot be confirmed┬áthat rabbi David Rosen has distanced himself from the Jewish epidemic of pedophilia and herpes-spreading from old rabbi’s to young Jewish boys.