Martyrdom in the War of Existence Against Zion – The Blessing of Dying For the Cause

When we die as martyrs – Palestinian Children

“We do not remember that our people – during our sad but proud Romanian history – at any time tolerated being dishonoured. Our fields are full of the dead, but not of cowards. Today we are free men with the consciousness of our rights. Slaves we are not and never were. We receive death, but not humiliation. Rest assured, we have sufficient moral strength left to find an honourable exit from a life we cannot support without honour and dignity.”

Corneliu Zelea Codreanu – For My Legionaries: The Iron Guard (1936)

Jew-Puppet Obama: “Africa Must Be Sodomized By Homosexual International Jewry!”



Obama makes it clear that homosexual pedophilia adoption is a natural outcome when your country is a Democratic Jewocracy:

Mr. Obama said the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that extended federal benefits to same-sex married couples was “a victory for American democracy.” But when he tried to argue for similar rights in Africa, he was swiftly rebuffed by his Senegalese host – leader of one of 76 countries worldwide where homosexuality remains criminalized.

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International Jewry is not satisfied with having raped and destroyed the United States of America. Jews demand the entire planet be infected with the same perverse poison:

“I want the African people just to hear what I believe,” Mr. Obama said at a news conference with Mr. Sall. “People should be treated equally. That’s a principle that I think applies universally.”

jews support obama homo marriage

Senegalese leaders resisted the Jewish rape and said that they were not ready to have their nation polluted by the common eternal enemy Jews:

Mr. Sall immediately rejected the call, making it clear that Senegal will continue to make homosexuality illegal and punishable by five years in prison. “We are still not ready to decriminalize homosexuality,” he said. “We are still not ready to change the law.”

Source: – Obama: Africa must become homo-friendly

In Africa, Obama gets jarring reminder of global homophobia

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Counter-Jihad ‘Sweden Democrats’ Go Even Further in Supporting The Enemy Jews That Are Exterminating The Swedish People

EPIC FAIL! This is what happens when you allow enemy Jews to infiltrate Nationalist organizations. The 'Sweden Democrats' went from advocating for Swedish interests, into being a fanatic Jewish lobby.

EPIC FAIL! This is what happens when you allow enemy Jews infiltrate Nationalist organizations. The ‘Sweden Democrats’ went from advocating for Swedish interests, into being a fanatic Jewish lobby.

It only took one Jew to completely destroy a Nationalist Swedish organization. The ‘Sweden Democrats’ were once a real Nationalist political movement, that openly opposed race-mixing, called for repatriation of non-Europeans from Sweden and publicly attacked the eternal enemy Jews:

Old propaganda posters from the 'Sweden Democrats'. Note the clear anti-Jew imagery.

Old propaganda posters from several Nationalist groups in Sweden, among them, the ‘Sweden Democrats’. Note the clear anti-Jew imagery in the center and low-center. Click image to enlarge.

Ratfaced vermin Yids entered the party and aggressively steered the anti-immigrant sentiment into anti-Muslim Neo-Conservative Counter-Jihad. All of a sudden, resistance against global Jewish take-over turned into reactionary meaningless hatred against Islam. Following the logic of the Kike virus:

  • Muslims oppose pork meat, so we Swedes must support pork meat
  • Muslims oppose homophilia and gay pride dildo-fests, so we Swedes must love faggotts and promote homo adoptions.
  • Muslims have patriarchal family structures and oppose family-destroying Jew-feminism, we Swedes must therefore promote gender-equality and allow our women to be promiscuous whores. Swedish women must look down on child-rearing and instead be career-driven workaholics.
  • Muslims hate Zionism and oppose the brutal Jewish occupation of Palestine, so we Swedes must ally with the genocidal Jews and support Israel.
Posing next to baby.murdering terrorist Jews of the Jewish occupational forces in Palestine.

Prominent leaders of the Sweden Democrats posing next to baby-murdering terrorist Jews of the Jewish occupational forces in Palestine. Furthest to the right is the enemy Jew infiltrator Kent Ekeroth who pretends to be a Swedish Nationalist. Next to him is the Swedish race-traitor Björn Söder, a fanatic Jew-loving errand-boy of Zion.

Jews naturally become friends when your ultimate objective is to exterminate Muslims not only in Europe, but even in the native homelands of Arabs. Thus, the Jewish domination of the media is a good thing according to these traitors, despite the fact that Jews overwhelmingly push for a foreign ‘immivasion’ into Sweden.

“…When criticism against prominent Sweden Democrats unconditional support and care for Israel is questioned, as it was made by Youth League president Gustav Kasselstrand in a debate article in ‘Aftonbladet’, in which he advocated a two-state solution as per the nationalist principles, it was countered with irrelevant criticism from the Israel-phalanx of the party and they were not late to try to demonize and denigrate those who have a more moderate stance on the issue. Kasselstrand was accused after his op-ed to “write things you can read on the website of the National-Socialist Front”, ergo, he is a “Nazi” because he doesn’t agree entirely positively with the state of Israel and its actions. Even the young promising Sweden Democrat Mattias From was expelled after he criticized the Zionist power within the party. The fact that From was excluded specifically by the Zionists in the party because he criticized their influence, is of course great humor on many levels, but it is also deeply serious, especially since From is far from alone in having noted and criticized just that. It ends the same for everyone who points out the insanity and who want the party to go for a more sober and nationalistic path – they are excluded or punished in other ways. Jewish nationalism is encouraged while Swedish nationalism nowadays is practically rejected and shunned.

The trend is very worrying and dangerous and we have already seen clear evidence of the Sweden Democrats liberalization and constant adaptation to the establishment but also to the Israel Lobby. I believe and hope that it was not this that the party’s voters and sympathizers were looking for when they voted for the party and I really hope that as many people as possible will make their voices heard on this issue and explain to the management of SD that their job is to change the political situation in Sweden and work for the Swedes – not to run errands for Israel and the Jewish people.” – Björn Söder wants to stop foreign aid to Palestine

The ‘Sweden Democrats’ once had all Swedish nationalists organized under one banner. They then did the fatal mistake of compromising in the name of populism, let a few enemy Jews in and switched to reactionary counter-jihad. The result is illustrated by the photo above. With Jews, you lose!

The ‘Sweden Democrats’ once had all Swedish Nationalists organized under one banner. They then did the fatal mistake of compromising in the name of populism, let a few enemy Jews in and switched to reactionary counter-jihad. The result is illustrated by the photo above. With Jews, you lose!

Turkish Muslims Crush Enemy Jews and Smash The Jewish Holocaustianity Religion on Dutch TV!

Enemy Jews were shocked as Turkish muslims told the truth about the eternal vermin parasites on TV in Holland.

Enemy Jews were shocked as Turkish muslims told the truth about the eternal vermin parasites on TV in Holland.

Teenage Turkish Muslim immigrants to the Netherlands expressed their admiration for Nazism and hatred of Jews during a recent interview on Dutch TV, saying Hitler “should have killed all Jews.”

In a clip from the program, which was aired in February, a Dutch researcher can be seen talking to a group of teens and asking them to express their opinion on issues related to the Holocaust and World War II. The four explain that anyone killed by Hitler was probably guilty of something, and he “didn’t kill Jews for no reason.”

Less than a minute into the show one of the participants (nicknamed number 4 in the subtitles) challenges a claim by his colleague (number 1) who said Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who was murdered. Frank “wasn’t murdered. Three days after the war she died from typhus,” he interjects before the first participant can answer the researcher’s question of who killed her.


In the Netherlands, Turkish teenagers show their deep appreciation for National Socialism and the legendary martyr of Freedom and Justice, Adolf Hitler. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon among muslims to actually believe in the Jewish fables surrounding the so called “Holocaust”. In other words, many muslims love Hitler because they are believers of the Jewish Holocaustianity religion! They just wish Hitler had “finished the job”.

“What Hitler said about Jews is that there will be one day when you see that I am right that I killed all the Jews. And that day will come,” one boy says.

“The hatred for Jews is because they will try and steal someone’s country, like in Gaza,” another boy says. “They kill a lot of people,” he continues, telling the exasperated interviewer that Hitler’s killing of millions of Jews was justified “because now millions of Palestinians are being killed.”


If only Adolf Hitler had attempted to, and succeeded in exterminating the entire Jewish race, the entire World would be free from the choking chains of Zion.

Muslim antisemites in Holland praise Hitler

“As far as I’m concerned, Hitler should have killed all the Jews,” one boy retorts, causing his peers to chuckle. “You don’t have to know any Jews to say something about them,” he adds when the interviewer asks him if he has Jewish friends.

“I have Dutch friends who hate Jews too,” one teen says, noting that no one in his school likes Jews.

“Jew equals evil,” one of the participants explains, and adds that just as one wishes one’s enemies cancer, “you wish them the worst.”

The Times of Israel – ‘Hitler should have killed all Jews,’ teens in Holland say