National Socialist Germans Honor The Fallen Anti-Jew Martyr Horst Wessel – He Died Fighting the Communist Beasts!

The eternal warrior Horst Wessel will always live on, haunting the evil soul of the enemy Jew. He gave his life to save his nation and the entire World from the death grip of International Jewry!

Horst Wessel Lied in Color

Horst Wessel Funeral

Sieg Heil!

Death to Zion!

“Nationalism Vs. The New World Order” – Dr. William Pierce

Nationalism Vs. The New World Order – Dr. Pierce

“…We encourage any nationalism which is not anti-European or anti-White. We even welcome Black nationalism, Hindu nationalism, or Chinese nationalism, because nationalists of every variety are facing a much bigger threat today than any rival nationalism. Intelligent Hindu nationalists understand that Irish nationalists, Ukrainian nationalists, and Swedish nationalists need not be hostile to them, and we understand that too.

Every national group which is concerned with preserving itself, with preserving its unique racial characteristics, its unique language, its unique culture, traditions, and life-styles, is the natural ally of every other nationally conscious group at a time when all of us are faced with the threat of the Jews’ New World Order. Once the Jews have realized their global plantation — a plantation without national boundaries, with a homogenized population, a homogenized culture, and a uniform standard of living for the serfs — every nationality will be lost permanently in the mass. Now is the time to derail this nightmare scheme for global subjugation, and any nationality, Hindu or other, which helps in derailing it, by whatever means, deserves our praise. The prospect of a nuclear arms race between India, China, and Pakistan may not seem very encouraging, but it is a far brighter prospect than a continuation of the process of globalization being promoted by the Jews and their allies, whether international capitalists or deranged liberals.

So for all of the reasons I have mentioned, India’s detonation of nuclear warheads is very good news indeed for decent, freedom-loving patriots everywhere.”

Download the audio HERE or read it in its entirety HERE.


Why Zion Must Be Exterminated!

Is our outreach too harsh, too extreme, then take a look at these pictures from the “liberation” of the concentration camps after WW2:

Commandant of the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp, found by the US army, shot during an attempt to arrest him, interrogated in the presence of former inmates. Two days after he was captured, he died of his wounds. This picture shows what liberated inmates (jews) did to his body after death.

murderous jews

Ebensee, Austria, body of an SS man stoned/beaten by liberated inmates (jews)


Liberated inmates (jews) of a concentration camp getting back at a Kapo.

jew rats

The bullet-ridden bodies of two SS guards who were murdered in the Ohrdruf concentration camp soon after the “liberation”.


SS guards being executed by U.S. “liberators”

These indescribable brutal crimes were carried out by the Jews and their Jew World Order armies towards the Germans, who were trying to save Europe from the hell-on-earth of Jew-Marxism.

So you think we should tone it down? Tell that to the hundreds of millions of massacred people and their families who were brutally raped and murdered at the altar of Zion.