The Ruthless Bloodthirsty Jewish Race Kidnapped and Enslaved Millions of Africans

Jews Behind Black Slavery

Name of ship – Owners – Real ethnicity

Abigail – Aaron Lopez, Moses Levy, Jacob Franks – Jews
Crown – Issac Levy and Nathan Simpson – Jews
Nassa- Moses Levy – Jew
Four Sisters – Moses Levy – Jew
Anne & Eliza – Justus Bosch and John Abrams – Jews
Prudent Betty – Henry Cruger and Jacob Phoenix – Jews
Hester – Mordecai and David Gomez – Jews
Elizabeth – Mordecai and David Gomez – Jews
Antigua – Nathan Marston and Abram Lyell – Jews
Betsy – Wm. De Woolf – Jew
Polly – James De Woolf – Jew
White Horse – Jan de Sweevts – Jew
Expedition – John and Jacob Roosevelt – Jews
Charlotte – Moses and Sam Levy and Jacob Franks – Jews
Caracoa – Moses and Sam Levy – Jews

“Jews Control the Media and Shape Public Opinion” – Norwegian Professor Johan Galtung

Norwegian Professor Johan Galtung.

Norwegian Professor Johan Galtung.

In an article published on Monday in the Norwegian magazine “Humanist,” professor Johan Galtung, founder of the academic discipline of “peace and conflict studies” and an “Alternative Nobel Prize” laureate, lashed out against what he claims to be the “Jewish control” over mass media.
Quoting an Pak Alert Press article republished on an internet blog focusing on Islamic issues, Galtung claims that “Six Jewish companies own 96% of the world’s media” and that “the directors of the three largest media conglomerates, Walt Disney, Time Warner and Viacom, are Jews; as were the three largest TV channels ABC, CBS and NBC before they joined the conglomerates.”
Galtung moves on to cite a long list of American newspapers, publishing houses and movie production companies, which he states are under Jewish ownership.
“Is this a coincidence for 1.9 percent of the US population?” the Norwegian professor asks, adding that Jewish ownership is the equivalent of “Jewish control.” He then goes on to link this to so-called-bias in Middle East coverage, pointing to several Jews who have stated that “Jews that write in the media have a role of defending Israel.”
Galtung has also been criticized for suggesting connections between the 22/7 terror attacks and Jewish influence. This happened after a lecture, given at the University of Oslo in September last year, during which he claimed that the Freemason movement, which terrorist Anders Behring Breivik was a member of, had a “clear Jewish fundament.”
Source: The Times of Israel (filthy Jewish propaganda)