Jason Bermas (Berman✡) wants to electrocute and hang those who resist brutal Jewish occupation

Uber Jew Jason Bermas wishes death on ‘Desert Larry’ in California for simply stating the obvious

The Jew-loving traitors over at Infowars.com even turn on their own fans if they find out that they oppose Jewish World conquest. Alex Jones’s propaganda machine is fanatic in its dedication to the inferior subhuman Jewish race:

Bermas & Alex Jones Respond To The Jewish Controversy [Part 1/2]

2/2: Bermas & Alex Jones Respond To Jewish Controversy

Texe Marrs, a close friend of the vile German-hating back-stabber Alex Jones, was so disgusted by the Jew-worshipping orgy over at the Libertarian PrisonPlanet.com disinformation operation, that he couldn’t resist commenting:

Alex Jones and Jason Bermas Israeli Jewish Disinformation Specialist’s

Member of ‘Anti-Racist’ Jewish organisation in Sweden: “There should be a bounty on all Whites”

Enslaving and exterminating the entire European race – The ancient wet dream of International Jewry.

The anti-European Jewish advocacy group for pedophilia and child molestation, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, has its chapter in Sweden known as “expo”. Their hidden anti-European agenda is veiled behind a facade of “anti-racism” and “democratic watch-dog”. They harass and persecute Nationalists, and are closely related to Anti-fascist action, a group of self-hating criminal Jew-lovers and drug-addicts, coupled with militant Marxists and hostile anti-Swedish immigrants. However degenerate and useless they might seem, these traitors do use violence and have inflicted severe personal injury and psychological terror to Nationalists in a number of cases. Expo was founded by communist Jew Robert Aschberg and is heavily financed by rich capitalist Jews who occupy Sweden such as Robert Weil, Gabriel Urwitz and Mikael Kamras.

Communist Jews  butchered between 85 and 100 million non-Jews.

One member of “expo” named Martin Fredriksson recently replied to a question asked to him on twitter:

“What do you think of this video, where a completely innocent White man is beaten down by a gang of niggers?”

The self-hating traitor Martin Fredriksson replied:

“He deserved it! There should be a bounty on whites, especially men.”

Communist Jews murdered around 22 000 Poles in the Katyn forest, under the direct command of marxist Jew Lavrentiy Beria.

Nationell.nu – ‘Expo’-employee wants to shoot down all White people

NordFront.se – ‘Expo’-employee demands bounty on all White men