Jews want to Racemix your People and Flood your land with Foreigners – While Jews remain pure

Tolerance, race-mixing and multi-cult for the non-Jew "goyy" cattle slaves. But racial purity, intolerance, homogeniety and cohesiveness among themselves. Zion must be destroyed!

Tolerance, race-mixing and multi-cult for the non-Jew “goyy” cattle slaves. But racial purity, intolerance, homogeneity and cohesiveness among themselves. Zion must be destroyed!

It is no secret that Jews are the most enthusiastic proponents for multiracial mixing and genocide through invasion for the White European race. Mixing different people into the same geographical area is a Jew-Marxist strategy of divide and conquer. This method was employed by Communist Jews in the Soviet Union.

Do ratfaced Yids love “diversity” for themselves? Do hooknosed Kikes mingle and mix with other races?

Jewish Speed Dating Event in London: JN1’s Celestina Olulode explores UK Jewish dating scene

“Fascist Italy Waged War Against The Jewish World Hydra” – Heroic Aryan Martyr Adolf Hitler

What is Fascism?

“The fight which Fascist Italy waged against Jewry’s three principal weapons, the profound reasons for which may not have been consciously understood (though I do not believe this myself) furnishes the best proof that the poison fangs of that Power which transcends all State boundaries are being drawn, even though in an indirect way. The prohibition of Freemasonry and secret societies, the suppression of the supemational Press and the definite abolition of Marxism, together with the steadily increasing consolidation of the Fascist concept of the State – all this will enable the Italian Government, in the course of some years, to advance more and more the interests of the Italian people without paying any attention to the hissing of the Jewish world-hydra.”

Adolf Hitler – Mein Kampf (Murphy translation)

Hitler and Mussolini, hand in hand, to destroy Zion and liberate the World.

Courageous and Defiant Koreans Degrade Symbol of Brutal Jewish Occupation

Korea’s Anti-Israel Protest: Blood Split on Magen David

Hatred against the inferior subhuman Jewish race is prevalent among the three major races: Caucasoid, Mongoloid and Negroid. There is not a single ethnic group on the planet that have not experienced the disgusting genetic nature of the repulsive Jewish tribe. The inborn evil behavior of the Hebrew vermin encourages diverse people all over planet Earth to humiliate the repulsive symbol of International Jewry:

Enemy Jews multiplying in massive numbers in Germany

A Jewish mother is an incubator for more Jewish problems. Small baby Jews will grow up to be large adult terrorist Yids.

Jewish Problems are increasing in Germany, a territory suffering under a brutal Jewish occupation. Not only are they invading and sneaking in like plague-rats, but also spawning off like filthy Kike-roaches. Despite their deep hatred for the evil “nazi’s” and wish to exterminate all Europeans, the parasite Jew cannot resist sucking the blood off of his hated host, the White Aryan.

Jewish Population Surging in Germany despite Rising Anti-Semitism, Circumcision Debate