The different Peoples of planet Earth are facing a colossal JEWISH PROBLEM. The Jewish race is a mortal menace that pose an existential threat. It is a matter of life and death.

Death to the Lie! Strangling the Jewish snake of Marxism and High Finance.

Death to the Lie! Strangling the Jewish snake of Marxism and High Finance.

Propaganda is a vital part of the warfare that we must wield in order to crush the ruthless biological Hebrew villain. Whining about Jews and their constant eternal behavior is a must for people to wake up from their suicidal slumber. There is also a need to focus on solutions for those who are already awake. Come to hear the ‘News on the Jews’ where we dehumanize the historic genetic fiend in order to prepare you for battle. 

Fearless uncompromising organized National Socialists must resist the brutal Jewish occupation with a determination of steel. We urge you to organize and join the struggle. Do what you can to inflict terror and fear in the heart of INTERNATIONAL JEWRY.

The most evil World enemy of all time must be crushed! We will continue to strive for a REAL final solution to the most serious dilemma facing humanity: THE JEWISH PROBLEM.

We must continue to wage war in the name of the militant revolutionary martyr Codreanu and end these Jews once and for all. There is no way out but through the Jew.  Force the enemy to tremble in horror before he is made to dangle by the rope.

YES, we hate the Jew. We love Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. After our final victory, the World will be rid of evil. We will no longer have to read and dream about the great glory and beauty of the Third Reich. We will be living in it!

Hail Victory!

Death to Zion!

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    • lol!!! youre a pussy yourself for blaming the joos just because theyre a bunch of pussys and they cant stand up for themselves, haha!
      i bet youre a betamale tho

  1. As a German-American from an ancient family, I am ashamed to live in a world where the evils of Fascism and Nazism remain alive.

    There is never any justification of murdering people. Especially upon their religious beliefs. Moral virtue cries at such hostile beliefs, and views them as not supreme, but horrendously consumed by nothing more than envy and hate.
    Hate, the ultimate curse of mankind. You do not deserve to be called men and women. I dare not even mark you as humans. You claim the Jews are sub-humans…well at least they are humans. You are nothing more than mutilated remnants of human beings. So devoid of love and compassion, so devoid of the Virtues, you are instead consumed with hate and vice. Hearts of black burnt matter, not even worthy of being addressed above ‘scum’.

    Nazis…I will continue my silent war against you. I will die knowing that the world has been purged of your taint, or with the hope that your black souls are washed back into the depths of Hell, from whence they came…

    • Look at how far jewish mind control can get. Jews are actually an ethnicity even if they don’t follow judaism. Jews definitely created communism which took over half of Germany and enslaved your brothers and sisters. They also executed cultural marxism(if you do not know what it is look it up) into our society so it can rot from within. They are our greatest misfortune. Source: Non-brainwashed Mexican VIVA MEXICO SIEG HEIL

    • “You are nothing more than mutilated remnants of human beings.”

      ^^This is what an ethno-masochist sounds like. You’re typing your moralizing, self-righteous, self-loathing response while surrounding yourself with whites. You live around whites, work with whites, and associate with whites. You hate the fact that whites have an ethnicities, identities, languages, cultures, and traditions, with a right and duty to preserve and defend them. You hate it so much you need to attack anyone and everyone who will.

      You should move to a Negro neighborhood to get robbed and raped a few times. Enjoy the masochism of the Knock Out Game. If you getting mugged by reality you might figure out that your shame tactics don’t work because you’re not only wrong, you’re indoctrinated and stupid.

      Reality is just a neighborhood away, thanks to Jewish immigration policies.

      • All of you except the German American sound like uneducated losers taken by doctrine and hate. You don’t have a clue about who the Jewish people really are, and only follow a fanatic ideal from a pathological Jew himself. You lack of a personal center and of a healthy identity has driven you to want to belong to a sick group because you know nothing else. You repeat like parrots the crap you’ve heard or read from the sickest of all. Your blindness is so thick that you wont even understand this and will deny it. There is no soul and no heart in your beliefs and your blasphemy knows no bounds. Joyless and heartless, dig a hole for you and all like you and bury your kind in hell.

  2. SIEG HEIL FROM NEW ZEALAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    • Before u use the language of the Fuehrer start to learn it!!!! It should be ein Volk und Heil allen and not Folk and all! if u use German do it right! Otherwise Hitler will come back from the moon where he is hiding since he lost the stupid war and will bumfuck u!

  3. Ashkenazi Jews are Caucasians. They have the highest average IQ in the world. Israel has more scientists per capita than any other country. It prospers despite Arab hostility.

    The Chinese minority living in Asian countries is very similar to the Jewish minority living in Europe. The Chinese minority is intelligent, wealthy, and is the victim of regular pogroms because poor, stupid people hate smart, wealthy people. Details are described in Amy Chua’s book World On Fire.

    Jews, Mongoloids, and all other smart people are no threat to anyone, but stupid people, including anti-Semites, Nazis, Muslims, communists, and gangsters are a threat to everyone.

    • Haha silly douchebag, preach about hate then conclude your idiotic comments with hate for Muslims. that is called irony, buffoon.

      • I detest anti-semitism–but I detest Islamophobia and gross generalizations about Arabs just as much. Let’s please not respond to one version of sick racial/ethnic hatred (which isn’t, for these extremists, based on religious doctrine or values anyway) by replacing it with another.

        These people are obviously sick. Lets not participate in painting other groups of people with same broad and crude brush strokes. (And let’s AVOID talking about the supposedly innate superiority of one group over another; in doing so, you’re playing right into their hands.) The idea is to avoid doing that in ALL cases. Judge the individual, or the group’s VALUES, instead, not the supposed quality of an entire racial or ethnic class.

        • You’re such an idiot. No seriously, you really are stupid.

          “Judge the individual, or the group’s VALUES, instead, not the supposed quality of an entire racial or ethnic class.”

          Yes because no one inherits ANY traits whatsoever from their parents. We all know that’s impossible! Except for homosexuals who were “born that way” therefore we cannot say anything at all.

          Just a reminder, you’re an idiot.

  4. All you socialists want to accomplish is robbing hard working people like me for my income, and share it with lazy scummy guttertrash who are too braindead to make a living by their own.

    Kill a commie for mommy.

    • If you oppose International Socialism, you will lose your job and will need welfare, think of that, Libertarian. So sorry that euthanasia is National-SOCIALIST in nature.

  5. Your website is going to be removed. This I promise. Scum like you don’t deserve the benefits of freedom of speech.

    • whats your address? mine is listed publicly you kike fuck! you are the ones who are about to be removed by the millions of guys who sneak up on very nervous animals and kill them every year for fun – how much easier do you think it would be to sneak up on a person?

  6. hahhahaha cant stop laughing at the jewish butthurts commets above . You filghty pigs . Believe me your time is near . You are cursed in Bible and Quran . Your defeat is near . The countdown of your defeat has started . Enjoy you last days . WE will be victorious . Death to jews .

    A proud Anti-Semite

    • Cursed in the Bible???? Wasn’t Jesus born a Jew???? The five books of Moses????? Think before writing things of which u have no clue!!!!!

      • If Jesus was a Jew then why did they murder him? Why did the Jewish Elite allow Herod to murder the sons of the lesser Jews?

        The same reason two millenia later Genrikh Yagoda and Lazar Kaganovich orchestrated the mass murder of White Christian farmers in Ukraine. The lesser Jews that lived among the Gentiles in Ukraine were murdered as well.

        The same reason two millenia later Joe Slovo orchestrated the mass murder of White Christian farmers in South Africa. The lesser Jews that lived among the Gentiles in South Africa were murdered as well.

        Two millenia later and the Jews haven’t changed a bit. They will cause mass murder to plunder and take over the economy of an area that good whites built.

        • bull fucking shit – no kike jews were murdered in either Russia or South Africa and yes rabbi jesua is a kike jew – if he lived at all which is very doubtful… you know where communism springs forth from? Christianity – compare the cheka secret police and NKVD to the Inquisition in Europa – identical yes? fucking right they were Christianity is a preparation to get you to accept communism – no resistor would ever accept chistianity

        • Stupid priest……..everybody knows that it is not all the jews that kill Jesus is a few………..your antissmitism blind you t see that we cant generalize…………

  7. Yeah, keep thinking that, scumbag.

    I have reported this site to Mossad, the FBI, and Interpol, and I have gotten hundreds of my friends to do the same. They are tracking you down even as we speak.

  8. Whoa listen to this guy. Can I say deutsche-bag? Haha. You guys have probably never met a real Jew. Newsflash—not all Jews are rich. Do poor Jews meet and control the world? This is utterly rediculous to babble all of this crap.

  9. Jews are not intelligent, they have absolute zero logic or reasoning skills-if they had any intelligence-they would all save the world from the source of all evil-(the jews)-by killing themselves. The jews use their lies and stupidity as a weapon against God and everything natural pure and good in the world. I use the greatest power I have, my hate against the jews-when i have my hate focused and aimed at the jews it destroys them-it is the weapon I use to protect God and all that is natural and good, all he created. The jews destroy-that is all they can do-there is no love in any jew-nothing good, natural or from God resides in any jew. Love is immortal-it is the power that makes everything better. The jews have no soul-no ability to love-no power. They are pure evil-destructive hate. They need more hate evil and destruction aimed at them-until they combust into the hell they make of the world for everyone else. Jews think the world is their toilet and they are the king shits. The toilet is about to flush on all jews. God hates every jew and he will cleanse the earth of all the jew filth very soon. Ever last one of them is about to disappear forever. The jews want to establish their father Satan’e kingdom on earth as the stinking jew world odor. The jews can only fail and die-all of our hate, concentrated hate, focused, aimed at the jews-will kill them-jews absorb hate like a sponge it makes them degenerate-get sick and uglier-jews can’t get better-there is no love in them. Those who have souls must Stop waisting your time loving the jews-they can’t receive love because they can’t give it-they repel love-Love itself will not touch or go near any jew. jews emit a toxic poisonous energy that kills all life around them. Hate them for God-they are the enemies of God and all he created-or you will not be a part of the new heaven on earth-a beautiful paradise where no evil, no jews exist-where there will be only creativity, love and beauty.

  10. Haha you my friend are in idiot. I feel sorry for you. Nobody at my synagogue plans to take over the world… and neither do i… i have dedicated my life to helping others. How is that evil?

  11. HEY PEOPLE., this is so ironic. im a pure white christian male that’s rational and could see further than these nazi imbeciles could see.
    hey idiots! its not the jews chopping the heads off of Christians in every arab country. its not israel who burn down churches in there country because they only want there jewish temples. its not the jews who are systematically murdering Christians just because our belief in Jesus.
    hey my fellow christian morons who are jew haters. YOUR ON THE WRONG FUCKING SIDE AND OUR PEOPLE ARE PAYING FOR IT BY BEING KILLED!!!!! do u hear me you fucking retards?? Muslims are chopping our fucking heads off and burning down our churches in every single Arab Muslim country in the universe and your hating the jew?? are u that much of a pussy to stand up to the big bad Muslims?? its obvious you wanna pick on someone who doesnt blow themselves up or cut your fucking throat just for fun.

    im embarrassed that you are Christians when you know deep down who your enemy is but are a to afraid to stand up and fight them so you wanna SPOKE SCREEN EVERYTHING ABOUT HOW BAD THE JEWS ARE. ! your a bunch of pussys, dont worry fags, ill protect u from those filthy muslims and u can hide behind me u cowards

    • Do you have the slightest idea what the Zionists are doing to your Christian brothers and sisters in Palestine and Lebanon?
      Do you know how many innocent Muslim AND Christian men, women and children were murdered by Zionist extremist and American Imperialists in Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon and Yemen?
      You condemn hate of Jews but at the same time you legalize hate against Muslims?
      This is the same type of hypocrisy present all across the western media today. It’s total BS.

      • I, too, am dismayed by the gross generalizations I’m seeing here about Muslims and Arabs. And I happen to know numerous non-Zionist American Jews who don’t agree with everything the Israeli government does (in fact, many go much further than that). AGAIN: Making the same kinds of crude generalizations about non-Jewish racial or ethnic groups is simply playing into the ignorant racist thinking that created this site.

        Please resist the temptation to do this!

    • did you know that to jews you are only a stupid goy(cattle) and they are only using you and your christian zionism for their own selfish gains. When you choose a side make sure that you have chosen the right side,

  12. Haha so true… if the Jews wouldn’t have killed Jesus how could he have died for our sins? Chew on that for a minute… now give your Jewish brothers and sisters a hug.. we are all in this together…. GO ISRAEl!!! Hahaha

  13. As a German-Americam of ancient family, I too, I’m ashame to live in a world where the evils of JEWISH Supremacy, neo-marxism, genocidal zionism, and constant anti-german jewish HATE propaganda remain alive! lol

    “There is never any justification of murdering people”, except if they happen to be palestinians or an ‘evil’ kind of german, then all bets a off!

    Hate, the ultimate curse of mankind. You don’t deserve to be called men or women until you protest, condem, expose, decry Jewish supremacy and the genocide and ethnic cleansing of palestinians and Eatern German by jew controlled Soviet army after WW2!

    I dare not even mark YOU as humans. You claim the Jews are ‘ChosenMaster race’ and support their genocidal tendencies! Whether implicitly by being mentally paralized by Holyhoax fairy tales or knowingly by not speking out against the Jewish open genocide of Goyim in Gaza…. well at least they are ‘Chosen’ humans, right? Dumbass!

    So devoid of love and compassion for your fellow Germans and humans… while supporting jewish supremacy… how SICK are U! You’re not even worthy of being addressed above ‘scum’.

    Soldiers of Judah… I will continue my silent war against you. I will die knowing that the world has been purged of your taint, or with the hope that your black souls are washed back into the depths of Talmudic zionist Hell, from whence they came… LMAO!!

  14. I hope one day we will wake up and there is no JEWS
    because we have had enough of their lies

    all our problems in america are from the money wasted on them …

    • Your command of the English language is infantile. Ancient does not mean what you think it means. Don’t worry, I understand you’re stupid and indoctrinated. It’s just amusing to see a Useful Idiot who believes they just made an intelligent and valid comment.


      A dictionary will not help you.

  15. Africa for Africans…Asia for Asians…but European countries for everyone to move too!!! “Divide & Conquer” A tactic of the Jews to destroy Whites!!! Eradicate the Jew everywhere!!!

  16. I’m here because I’m fed up with Zionists and Zionism. I hate the lies and hate these handfull of ‘Jews’ spread in order to ‘divide and conquer our society.
    Its not only Palestine which has become a victim of Zionist imperialist agression, by the whole western world as well. From America to Europe to the Middle East, to Central Asia to Persia and Australia. Our world is dieing.
    We are divided in so many different ways, Christian and Muslim, Conservative and Socialist, Man and Woman, White and Brown. It is all a sceme to destroy our rich heratige and many various cultures.
    We were responsible for some of the world greatest empires, from the Ancient Greek Empire, to the Ancient Egyptian Empire, to the Persian Empire, to the Babylonian Empire. to the Roman Empire to the Caliphate to the British, Spanish, French, Russian and German empires.
    We must stand together and fight, regardless of our background, or religion, to liberate our once great world form the grasp of Zionism.

  17. The amount of stupidity, bigotry, and unnecessary hate speech on this website is too damn high.
    Now, this is either really good satire–like “Lil B” levels of good–or this web page and almost every comment is an affirmation that idiots still exist on the planet and evolution still hasn’t run its course completely.
    Blame the Jews, Muslims, Zionists, and Arabs for your problems and the world’s issues? Please. The cause of the problem is staring you in the mirror.

  18. “Californian” dumbass has the right amount of stupidity, vile servile Philo-Semitism, and necessary brain malfunction to be unable to regognize genocidal jewish supremacism!
    Yup, with moron like you… The cause of the problem is staring you in the mirror.



  20. I am a true National Socialist and I oppose violence against jews. Instead the people of Madagascar into mainland Africa and settle,if possible, all world jewry in Madagascar. Also to put every non European back into their countries in order to preserve the European race and all other race around the world just like Adolf Hitler intended. HEIL HITLER.

    • Oh really? Were you a young man in 1939 faggot? Were you really a part of the Reich? No pussy, you are some faggot who doesn’t know what he is talking about. Get back to fucking your cousin in the ass. You twat.

      • Indeed. If the Holocaust were a lie, Hitler wasn’t nearly the tough guy he is cracked up to be. You do not solve problems by giving enemies swimming pools and orchestras.

  21. SIX MILLION MORE! ( its a joke about the hola hoax) and hang the liberal, commie, homo-phile, kike loving, race mixing, city-rat, scum!

  22. Funny how so many people that oppose the far right seem to post rude and vulgur comments that often refer to homosexual acts, I wonder what kind of filth and rubbish has tainted their fragile weak minds….

  23. Nazi pigs. This page has been reported and many fellow Jews and I have already got some of you nazis arrested for death threats. Your all nothing but ugly cowards I’d beat your ass if I saw you in person. So far you antisemites have been all talk and no action
    Fucking cowards

    • I know you. Your that fat ugly Jew who raped a young child. I saw your picture in Facebook
      Your face looks like a piece of shit and your so fucking ugly
      Show everyone your pic you pig Jew let everyone have a good laugh

  24. I was raped and beaten by a ugly Jew
    Jews are evil and I love tormenting and making fun of them
    I love your site and hope someday the ugly Jew that raped me will get his ass beat and all Jews die

    • When I was 10 I was raped by two Roman Catholic priests. So my Mom moved our family to Florida. We joined a Southern Baptist Church. Two years later the pastor raped my 7 year old sister. This is irrefutable proof that all Christians are evil and have no souls.

  25. Hey, guess what? I’m a (cultural (I’m basically a “Jewish Atheist”)) Jew.
    I’m not sure if you guys are aware of this, but all of this hate speech shit is really such a waste of your time… and Hitler was pretty much a waste of human anatomy. We Jews really aren’t that bad.
    You may call me a Liberitarian/Liberal, but I’m a Moderate.
    Besides, can’t we all just stop hating each other? Damn schmucks (OOOH, I JUST WENT THERE!)…

  26. This site has really opened my Eyes – I had no idea. I new Jews are Evil but Why Would Jesus Give Them Powers!!..it makes no sense.

    My Ganpa and me pray all the time for powers for the farm.. like Murder Boots or Strangle Gloves. I dont even see more than a few seconds into the future.
    I am going to keep praying but if i cant get powers im going to call the Jew from the bank or the cow doctor what delivered my sister last winder when we was snowed in.

    How come they look normal except their feet?

  27. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/history/world-war-two/7961211/Hitler-had-Jewish-and-African-roots-DNA-tests-show.html

    uhoh. probably Jewish sabotage though… right?
    well anyways,
    its crazy to think we all descended from common ancestors, Adam and Eve if you are a creationist, and monkeys if you are an evolutionist, and yet despite this seeming universality, there still exists a need to divide ourselves into us and them. I have to tell you something, I am Jewish, I come from a Jewish community, most people here work a lot to feed their families, some people are rich, and those that are give back to the larger community through charities that help support all people, like cancer research foundations. I think there are certain people from all different religions and with all different skin colors who desire power, and want to rise up to positions of control. It has nothing to do with Judaism, it seems to have much more to do with being a psychopath, which crosses any ethnic line. Maybe it is time to stop fueling hatred toward a group of people whose beliefs, goals in life, and ways of living are as diverse within the ethnicity as they are between many ethnicities, and instead look at people as individuals all looking seeking to find satisfying existences.

  28. If YOU don’t like the junk “they” feed your mind, then turn off the noise. Put your kids in home school or private schools and start taking responsibility for your own reality. Cultural ethnocentricity (whether Jewish or European or Asian) is a byproduct of race. That is why countries have borders. And that is why we have wars – when one out -group tries to invade an in-group’s space there will be friction. The difference now is that the wars are fought via ideological campaigns and media indoctrination. Hence, unbiased education is key in maintaining sanity and self worth. Look at the sources who feed you information. Ask questions. And be objective. The world is only a perception of matter. Throw off the thin cloth of religion and language and what do you have left? A naked man among 6 billion naked men.

  29. people who do have selfish greedy prerogatives come in many shapes and sizes and races. I wouldn’t judge someone based on his race but by his / her actions. Why would a war mongering super power country like USA ally itself so tightly with a foreign COUNTRY as small and insignificant as Israel? I am not going to give you my opinion. Instead, I want you to research it and figure out why.

    • The Jew has to be eliminated any intelligent person that read & researched the Jew would have to want to commit suicide by keeping them around.

  30. >Propaganda is a vital part of the warfare that we must wield in order to crush the ruthless biological Hebrew villain.

    >Whining about Jews and their constant eternal behavior is a must for people to wake up from their suicidal slumber.

    >Come to hear the ‘News on the Jews’ where we dehumanize the historic genetic fiend in order to prepare you for battle.

    Boy this is a troll website, isn’t it?
    If I’d want to have people feel sorry for me, if I’d want people to think that who hates me is a total fucking moron, and if I’d want to “guide” the opinions of people to make them see what hatred towards me looks and sounds like…this is really the language I’d use.
    Of course the website could also be conceived to see how far and how much anti-Semites will clap at the shit posted here. Yes, because I don’t believe for a moment that this is a genuinely anti-Jewish website managed by idiots. It must be some kind of social experiment.

  31. Yeah, this is all a bit silly.

    There’s also a lack of appropriate grammar and accurate spelling in many of these comments. I believe the words “Jew” and “Nazi” should be capitalized in most cases. They are called proper nouns. You learn about them in the fifth grade. Of course, it might have been difficult for a mind teeming with hatred to absorb what an English teacher was squawking about.

    Some Ritalin or Adderall may help with the inability to concentrate. On second thought, those were probably synthesized by Jews. I guess, for that possibility alone, you should avoid most pharmaceuticals.

    • What about jewish racism? It is the cause of hatred against jews. They use lies to cause enormous evil. World would be much better place without jewish lies.

  32. a jewess pretended she liked me for years and fucked up my life…business as usual.
    and besides, she’s a hypocrite and a disguised drug dealer helping some drug lord gypsies. she’s also a bitch and a pathological liar.

    no matter gender, age or whatever, (personal opinions on particular issues) a jew is always a jew, a psycopatical being, a virus that must be exterminated.

    • Wow, you became an anti-semite because some Jewish girl you pined over put you in the friend zone? That’s fucking hilarious.

      She must be a real dummy, because you sound like a bonafide catch.

      Fucking dumbass.


      A Jewess

      • no, she didn’t put me in friend zone.
        she hates me, and always did.
        she just pretended she loved me, and i was not the only one…

        if you defend a drug dealer just because she is a jewess and a woman, then you’re nothing but just another jewess psycopathic and psycothic bitch.

        besides, she hates animals and hates every woman being on earth who is not jewish.

        fuck you, bitch.

  33. OK so this is Jake’s mum, and let me just say the kid is 15 years old! what is he doing on a site like this! To all of Jake’s friends who have joined this site, I will be notifying your parents about this, and you really shouldn’t be getting involved in this stuff! And to anyone else one this site, I cant believe you people! You really think that hating anyone of a different religion or skin color (instead of their actions) is going to make the world a better place? Just love and be loved! Also don’t worry to much guys, i know about 5 of the people on this site who are under 16, so please don’t take their comments to personally.

    • Yes! I found Lizzie on this site last year I cant believe it! Please stop this unfairness! I think we should have a chat about this with the other parents, these kids think they are hitler jr or something! The creators of this site should be ashamed!

    • The problem is that Jewish race in their actions is driven by hatred to goyim. When majority of Jews applauses that non-jews are cattle that is born to serve “Holy Race”, it’s natural that response on such behaviour is radical. Jews should be taught first how to love, not to destroy.

  34. Up there you called the Jews Hebrew villains, well, I have to disagree with that because the Jews are not Hebrews or Israelites and they never wrote one word of the Holy Bible, they only wrote their filthy, lying Talmud and tell you all of that in their own writings !!!

    “Strictly speaking it is INCORRECT to call an Ancient [Biblical] Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary [modern] Jew an ‘Israelite’ or a ‘Hebrew’.” (1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3).

    “JEWS BEGAN TO CALL THEMSELVES HEBREWS AND ISRAELITES IN 1860. ~ Encyclopedia Judaica 1971 Vol 10:23

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