National Socialists raise Viking flag with Ancient Norse Rune – Jews: “goyyim must suffer”

The filthy enemy Jews now have to face devout and fanatic Hitlerites in 5 Nordic countries. The Nordic Resistance Movement is the leading National Socialist organization in Northern Europe. The heroic and militant struggle against Zion is mobilizing in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. When the hooknosed vermin hear their boots, Yids urinate down the sides of their legs out of fear.

Faneaksjoner i en rekke norske byer

National-Socialism and the uncompromising fanatical struggle of the eternal Codreanu, under the green banners of ‘The Nordic Resistance Movement’, continues conquering more enemy territory in Scandinavia and liberating it from Jewish occupation.

The flag of the National Socialist Nordic Resistance Movement in Scandinavia, based on a rune from ancient Aryan Pagan religion. The T-rune is named after the Norse Viking god Týr, the son of Odin in the Icelandic Eddas. Týr is a god of war and will take mead, meat and blood [of evil enemy Jews] for sacrifice. If a warrior carved the rune Tîwaz on his weapon he would be dedicating it to Týr and strengthen the outcome of a battle to be in his favor. After a warrior has dedicated his weapon to Týr he should not lose it or break it.

The Resistance Movement is expanding, with a vision of freedom for the Nordic Nations (from Jewish occupation) and a unified National Socialist Norse Republic. They have established themselves in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland.

The immortal soul of Codreanu continues living in the physical ‘New Man’ forged by disciplined training and fanaticism.

Creative Aryan Genius Mel Gibson must denounce and condemn “Survivors” of “Holocaust”

Chimney emerging from the ground next to the fake “gas chamber” in Auschwitz. Nice work Jew Commies, you forgot to connect it to the building!

Mel Gibson Quietly Helping Holocaust Survivor Charity

Who would want to make by-products from the most filthy creature on Earth? The Jewish race suffers from multigenerational incestual inbreeding and are disease-ridden subhuman trash. The ones that survive the ritual baby-penis sucking by pedophile rabbis are left with a minimum of herpes.

When will we deal with the eternal enemy Jew? These cockroach vermin have been allowed to survive as blood-sucking parasites for far too long.

Unfortunately, Jews were never killed in mass nor transformed into lamp shades or soap during WW2. But regarding the future…only time will tell. Organize and wage uncompromising struggle to achieve our final goal: the total destruction of Zion, a ‘judenfrei’ planet of Free Nations.

Arrogant Actions of Turk Leadership brings closer the anti-Semitic National Socialist Revolution

Turkish Protests In The Netherlands

The evil Jewish race would have loved if Erdogan had urged Turks and other Moslems, who are currently colonizing Europe, to remain calm, peaceful and to integrate (race-mix). Thereby, the slow and low-intensive genocide against the White race would continue as planned by Judah and Aryans would be exterminated in due time. Europe would turn into a Third World cesspit and look like African wasteland. The greatest enemy of the evil Jewish race: the supreme and noble White race, would be mixed out and defeated, erased from history.

Erdogan says Have More Children So They can Conquer Europe

Erdogan has instead openly urged Turks to facilitate a hostile take-over of Europe and increased tensions and hatred between the Turkish/Islamic group, and all the host nations that suffer from their presence. This increases polarization, segregation and Ethnic conflict. These aggressive actions by the leadership of Turkey summons Race War, mass deportations and a final cleansing to purge Europe of the hooknosed globalist architects who are responsible for this mess.

White Europeans are angered by the arrogance and hostility of the Turks/Moslems and radicalization is inevitable for both groups. They will flock to the timeless Worldview of Adolf Hitler, because it is the only ideology that has an answer to the International Racial Jewish Problem. National Socialism is the only ideology that can rescue Europe from the chaos and misery that Zion has caused.

Hail Erdogan! Thanks for mobilizing Turkish savagery in Europe. Thanks for destroying the Jewish multicultural project. Thanks for opening the eyes of the White Race. Thanks for awakening Europe and recruiting the Aryan to anti-Semitic National Socialism.

Putin admits superiority of National Socialism to gang of Jews: “Goebbels was talented”

Putin called Joseph Goebbels a talented person.

Dr. Joseph Goebbels was a legendary truth-teller and freedom fighter. He was loyal to his race, leader and struggle until the end. A genius propagandist and agitator, he fought to rescue Germany from the death grip of International Jewry.

Unfortunately, Putin is a German-hating Jew-lover who habitually attempts to glorify the rapist Red army of Zion and the genocidal Jewish Communist regime: