Negro Savages Brutally Assault Elderly Aryan Lady – Because Jews mix White and Black race

CCTV footage captures garage attack in Polokwane

The ancient Jewish struggle to exterminate the supreme White race is being performed brutally and without mercy. Aryans who still have not realized that the Jews must be fought ruthlessly and without pity have lost their will to live and have given up age-old human emotions such as love and hate.

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Far right, Communist Jew Joe Slovo is singing “Kill the Boer, Kill the White man!” together with African Marxist terrorist Nelson Mandela.

Negro Jew-Puppet: “White Genocide isn’t happening. But if it is, it’s good that Aryans disappear”

Well Actually: RE Jay Fayza’s “Alt Right White Nationalists Are Stupid”

The employer and shekel-provider to the White-hating genocidal Black African Negro “Jay Fayza”, is a bloodthirsty Zionist Jew by the name Ezra Levant:

Reactionary Conservative (((Rebel Media))) is owned by the following ratfaced hooknosed merchant:

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“Yess massah!” – Jew-loving Negro Jay Fayza