Algerian anti-Jew martyr Merah sold out by his brother – Writing a book in exchange for 30 Silver Shekels

Jews defacate uncontrollably by the mere sight of him. Traitors tremble. One man not for sale, with a determination of steel, sends shockwaves of terror in the mind of enemy Jews and traitourous bastards.

Jews defecate uncontrollably by the mere sight of him. Traitors tremble. One man not-for-sale, with a determination of steel, sends shockwaves of terror in the mind of enemy Jews and treasonous bastards.

We have previously reported on Mohamed Merah – The Algerian Anti-Jew Warrior who jumped to his Death with Guns Blasting!

Toulouse gunman Mohamed Merah was raised in an atmosphere of anti-Semitism and racial hatred, according to a new book written by his brother. On Monday, it emerged Merah’s sister Souad faces possible charges of “glorifying terrorism”.

In an attempt to capitalize on the death of his own brother, Abdelghani Merah has written a slanderous book in exchange for 30 silver shekels from the vile hooknosed fiends who occupy France. Its defamatory nature has the purpose of pathologizing the heroic struggle and incredible sacrifice of the anti-Jew martyr Mohamed Merah. In addition, it aims to portray the murderous Hebrew villains, as victims of blind hatred for absolutely no reason.

“I will explain how my parents raised [Mohamed] in an atmosphere of racism and hate before the Salafis [ultraconservative Muslims] could douse [him] in religious extremism,” 36-year-old Abdelghani Merah wrote in his book “My brother, the terrorist,” due out on Wednesday.

“I am furious with my parents for bringing him up in violence and intolerance, with my sister Souad who applauded his fundamentalist delusions, with my brother Abdelkader who actively encouraged him,” he wrote.

According to Abdelghani Merah, the tyrannical brutal Jewish occupation of planet Earth must NOT be resisted. Jews are a supreme race that have a right to rule us with a whip in hand. We should simply accept being humiliated, plundered, tortured and murdered by the ruthless eternal foe.

Mohamed Merah’s sister Souad has shown to be as fierce as her legendary brother unlike the backstabbing traitor Abdelghani.

“I am proud of [Mohamed], he fought to the very end. I told this to the police and I’m telling you too.”

The Jews, and all those who massacre Muslims, I hate them all. Abdelkader and I support the Salafists, who are the only ones to act.”

“But it was Mohamed who was brave enough to go through with this. I am proud, proud, proud.”

It’s not only France that suffers under a brutal Jewish enslavement, but the entire planet. Traitors like Abdelghani are the enablers who make it possible for the ratfaced Heebs to control us. Abdelghani is the backstabber who holds us down, while the Jew rapes us!

Abdelghani’s betrayal against his own race and his own family knows no limits. He admits he fornicated with the ratfaced villain, literally!

At the opening of Sunday’s broadcast Abdelghani said: “My mother always said ‘we, the Arabs, we were born to hate Jews’. I heard this speech throughout my childhood.”

In 2003, Abdelghani was stabbed by his younger brother Abdelkader because he had started a relationship with a woman with Jewish family connections.

He admits being a Jew-lover, to the letter! He goes on condemning any resistance against total Jewish World conquest and Jew-World-Order slavery:

“I am furious with my maternal uncles … who ceaselessly propagated hatred, racism and anti-semitism in front of us from a very young age,” he writes in his book. 

Source: France24 – Toulouse gunman Merah was ‘raised to hate Jews’

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Mohamed Merah – The Algerian Anti-Jew Warrior who Jumped to his Death with Guns Blasting!

Jews defecate uncontrollably by the mere sight of him. Traitors tremble. One fanatic man not-for-sale, with a determination of steel. His heroism sent shockwaves of terror in the minds of both enemy Jews and traitorous bastards who work for Jews.

He lived under a tyrannical Jew World Order. It seemed overwhelming. The enemy Jew had gotten control over key positions of power: media, finance, politics and banks. They had slithered high up and were now occupying a nation, whose host population they hated, and were determined to destroy. They were sending the children of the enslaved French people into war far away. So that the Jews could expand and subjugate additional nations who refused to bow down and kiss the feet of the filthy Jew. Mohamed Merah would not allow himself to be degraded. He wanted to fight an evil system, but he was only one man. Against an organized gang of vulture Jews who had an entire police force and military under their command.

Merah decided that he will do whatever it takes. At least he would die upright, with a smile on his face. His body, they can always conquer, but they will never be able to lay hands on his immortalized soul. His actions would reward him entry into paradise, and his name would eternalize in the minds of many followers. Perhaps in his own ashes, the sleeping generation of slaves would find inspiration to fight back against the enemy Jews.

Mohamed Merah went forth and solved 4 Jewish Problems, among them one high-ranking baby-penis-sucking Rabbi. Three other Arabs were eliminated for being traitors. They served in the Jew-controlled “French” army, waging war against their own people for the benefit of International Jewry.

Dirty Yahuds can cry as much as they want. Soon, tears will not be the only liquid seeping out from the bodily openings of the enemy Jew. Red colored blood will flow in rivers.

The Jew-occupied-government sent armed special forces to surround and murder the hero Merah. But Merah was determined to fight until the end. He was not going to walk towards the guillotine with his head bowed down. After a long and brutal shoot-out, Mohamed’s body was taken from us. He departed from his earthly existence with a smile, his weapons never left the grip of his hands. Jews can only create make-belief legends like Merah in their million-dollar movies. Merah was real. Jumping from his window, blasting away as he was falling, he was hit in the head by a long-range sniper coward.

Merah was the hero that Jews can only make-up in their fictitious Hollywood-propaganda. Coward Jews…why can’t they all just die!