These Jews don’t know who they’re messing with!

All loyal followers of our ruthless propaganda machine are probably wondering why this website continually encounters problems, and keeps getting shut down.

The Crush Zion! website is under constant Jewish attacks. Rat-faced Kikes try every possible underhanded tactic available to close down our honorable anti-Semitic operation. But their futile Hebrew efforts against us are meaningless and pathetic; sad acts of desperation. The individuals behind this legendary militant blog are obsessed anti-Semites and fanatic National Socialists who religiously worship Adolf Hitler as a divine Aryan God. Despite being humble and simple warriors with little capital, we manage to fend off billionaire hooknosed bankers and their paid armies of J.I.D.F. mossad agents. Because we are fundamentalist dogmatic true believing visionaries who welcome martyrdom for the sake of Our honest and moral People.

We spend every waking hour dedicated to the struggle. War against Z.O.G. is our collective life purpose. Jewish blood sustains us. We can’t survive without Hebrew agony. We won’t lay down our arms until our World has been rescued from the death grip of Judah, by any means necessary. We want freedom from the tentacles of Zion, or Death. Even in our sleep, we contemplate strategy and tactics and refine our skills on how to effectivise our psychological warfare techniques.

We strongly reject hobbyism and dismiss irrelevant side interests that give no benefit to our righteous Aryan cause. Wasting of time is not tolerated in our ranks. Men who think that they can do activism part-time and then play video games for hours, won’t be allowed to de-radicalize us. Weaklings who have not learned to prioritize their time and resources are quickly purged and denounced for the cowardly scum traitors that they are. This war of existence or extinction between the supreme White Race and the Inferior Subhuman Jewish race, requires serious soldiers who fully understand the gravity of the situation. Either we fight or we die.

Jews have thousands of Yids and millions of gentile mercenaries under their direct command, who are rewarded with generous salaries for full-time obstruction of justice and censorship of any truth about the evil Jewish race and their heinous Hebrew transgressions against the so-called “goyyim”. Despite having entire department buildings, fully staffed with terrorist shills and Israeli trolls committed to persecuting and harassing devout Hitlerites and our timeless message, we reemerge tougher than ever and continue our merciless assault against Zion.

Shlomo has no idea who he is dealing with. His crimes against us only serve to strengthen our resolve, which was already ironclad to begin with. The only thing that is accomplished by their nefarious offences towards us, is that they make us hate these abominable Jew vermin even more and we therefore work harder and more diligently for their total destruction.

If Jews thought that they could bully and abuse us into surrender, these disgusting Hebrew merchants have grossly miscalculated our unwavering zealotry. We intend to exterminate every single Jew from planet Earth, even if we have to give our lives to see it happen. We dream of seeing Cohen dying violently before us. We want to torture, castrate, dismember, disembowel, mutilate and bleed Israel to death slowly. It will be a great marvellous pleasure to watch the star of David in severe pain and anguish before the end. Nothing these sinister Hebrew rodents do, will stop this magnificent holy task from being fulfilled. We have sworn a sacred blood oath to erase the vile Jewish bacillus from the galaxy, even if we have to obliterate the entire Universe in the process.

Nothing Goldberg does, will stop us. Suffering through Jewish-Marxist torture only make us more hardened and give us vigour. If Weinstein wants to halt us, he is going to have to kill us.

Sieg Heil!

Death to Zion!

Arrogant Actions of Turk Leadership brings closer the anti-Semitic National Socialist Revolution

Turkish Protests In The Netherlands

The evil Jewish race would have loved if Erdogan had urged Turks and other Moslems, who are currently colonizing Europe, to remain calm, peaceful and to integrate (race-mix). Thereby, the slow and low-intensive genocide against the White race would continue as planned by Judah and Aryans would be exterminated in due time. Europe would turn into a Third World cesspit and look like African wasteland. The greatest enemy of the evil Jewish race: the supreme and noble White race, would be mixed out and defeated, erased from history.

Erdogan says Have More Children So They can Conquer Europe

Erdogan has instead openly urged Turks to facilitate a hostile take-over of Europe and increased tensions and hatred between the Turkish/Islamic group, and all the host nations that suffer from their presence. This increases polarization, segregation and Ethnic conflict. These aggressive actions by the leadership of Turkey summons Race War, mass deportations and a final cleansing to purge Europe of the hooknosed globalist architects who are responsible for this mess.

White Europeans are angered by the arrogance and hostility of the Turks/Moslems and radicalization is inevitable for both groups. They will flock to the timeless Worldview of Adolf Hitler, because it is the only ideology that has an answer to the International Racial Jewish Problem. National Socialism is the only ideology that can rescue Europe from the chaos and misery that Zion has caused.

Hail Erdogan! Thanks for mobilizing Turkish savagery in Europe. Thanks for destroying the Jewish multicultural project. Thanks for opening the eyes of the White Race. Thanks for awakening Europe and recruiting the Aryan to anti-Semitic National Socialism.

Brave Heroic White Aryan Explains why Vile Evil Jewish Race must be Forcibly Exiled

Andrew Anglin – ABC/FOX interview with the Neo-Nazi behind The March on Whitefish

A gang of sadistic Hebrew merchants brutalize an innocent so-called “goyyim” just for the fun of it. Jews are cowardly scum who deserve a collective death penalty. Andrew Anglin of suggests that we expel the hooknosed monsters to the Middle East, which will have to be done by the brutal and merciless application of violence, as these bloodsucking Semitic parasites are not going to leave us alone voluntarily. It is an interesting temporary solution, but unfortunately, as we have seen from studying World history, an incomplete one that doesn’t solve the problem. If it was an effective solution, our ancestors wouldn’t have had to do it over and over again. If it has been done over 100 times before, from over 80 different geographical areas, some Nations having been forced to throw these ratfaced Kikes out repeatedly, this is sufficient evidence that this method doesn’t work. Or else, it would have only been done once, and that would have been the end of it. But after each expulsion, this problem has only gotten worse.

 photo 109.png

There is only one way to defeat the eternal enemy of humanity: International Jewry. Through war. We National Socialists can either raise arms and crush these Israelite vermin by ourselves, or we can provide weapons and training to the valiant heroes who also hate the Jews and want to see these disgusting Zionist demons gone from the face of the Earth. Preferably, we will do both, simultaneously. It is not fair that we Hitlerites alone have the pleasure of exterminating Zion, when so many others revile them and want to see Shlomo in pain and suffering. To be fair and just, Arabs must be allowed to also partake in the satisfaction of causing major casualties in Israel, as revenge for all the heinous Hebrew crimes against non-Jews. Any group that is serious about annihilating the Jewish bacillus must be provided with high-tech military assistance.

If a certain area of our planet is going to be condemned with the presence of Judah, the Ethnic groups that are cursed to endure as neighbors to the pernicious and sinister Jewish race, must be armed to the teeth with the most modern and deadly of military equipment, which includes providing elite training for their anti-Semitic armies. Since Jews have nukes, the Peoples that live door to door with these bloodthirsty Yids, must of course also be provided with atomic bombs, so that Heebs can be quickly incinerated in radioactive clouds.

Hamas fighters are dedicated frontline warriors against Zion. One cannot doubt their zealous fanaticism and dedication to rescue their Nation from the brutal Jewish occupation.
Force is the only language the Jew understands. Let the fists and kicks break the brittle bones of the hooknosed villain.

The Jew is poisoning and murdering Sweden – National Socialism is the only antidote!

The Jewish-led invasion into Sweden resulted in a brutal gang-rape of a teenage Swedish girl. The Nordic Resistance movement immediately mobilized a National Socialist march through the town Bollnäs. Devout and fanatic Hitlerites from all over Scandinavia participated in the organized show of force, but Yids however were nowhere to be seen. The coward Jews were hiding like craven sewer rats in dark holes and shadows.

The Jewish-led invasion into Sweden resulted in a brutal gang-rape of a teenage Swedish girl. The Nordic Resistance movement immediately mobilized a National Socialist march through the town Bollnäs. Devout and fanatic Hitlerites from all over Scandinavia participated in the organized show of force, but Yids however were nowhere to be seen. The coward Jews were hiding like craven sewer rats in dark holes and shadows. Join the National Socialist Nordic Resistance movement today and contribute to the ruthless war against the evil Jew. Sweden must be rescued from the death grip of Zion. Only organized hierarchical revolutionary struggle can save Northern Europe from the brutal Hebrew occupation.

National Socialists execute anti-Semitic Order 66 – The Great Purge against Learned Elders of Zion

The fanatic militant Hitlerite Anakin Skywalker wanted to free the galaxy from the pernicious influence of the star of David. He started this liberating process by decapitating the Jewish leadership through a clever surprise-Holocaust known as “Order 66”. He then waged an uncompromising open war against the entire Jewish race, seeing as they are all enemies, down to the very last hooknosed monster.

Beginning of The Great Jedi Purge