Jews brag: “We nuked Nagasaki and Hiroshima. We roasted innocent yellow gook goyyim”


Japanese mother tried to save her daughter from the Jewish inferno – burned to death!

The worthless Jewish race is pathetic yet deadly. These rapacious ratfaced vermin must be seen for the life-threatening creatures that they truly are. If you think a single Jew should be left alive, please explain why to the million of Japanese civilians who met death by fire. Jews murdered these innocent defenceless Asiatics without blinking.

Death by Fire! – Jews roast 1 million innocent defenceless Japanese civilians to a Crisp!

Jews left behind them only the black charred corpses of the Japanese civilians. What was their crime? The “yellow goyyim” wanted to live free without the shackles of Zion.

Jews…they can’t help it. They are just born to poison and destroy. Decaying his surrounding comes as natural to him as hunting is to a lion.

Always remember: The Jews did this! Never forget. Never forgive.

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The typical Jewish incitement against host populations and tearing down of their culture has reached the island of Japan. These hooknosed vermin do not discriminate. To the ratfaced Jewish race, we are all “goyy” cattle slaves, whether you are White, Black, Brown or Yellow.

Jew Jake Adelstein



The eternal common enemy Jews have not forgotten that the Japanese fought to free the World from the death grip of International Jewry. Japan was allied with National Socialist Germany and Fascist Italy in the war that was declared by Jewry against Germany in 1933.

Bloodthirsty Jews Threaten Icelandic Vikings and Thai Mongoloids

Jews massmurdered 22 000 Poles in the Katyn forest under the direct command of Communist Jew Lavrenti Beria. Genocidal Jews have no conscience, guilt or remorse and have to be dealt with harshly!

After Iceland’s parliament voted to recognize the State of Palestine, Foreign Minister Ossur Skarphedinsson proudly announced, “Iceland is the first country in Western Europe to take this step.”

The Jews call it a “Misstep”…The filthy rats continue insulting Iceland:

The result of Iceland’s mistaken decision is that its diplomacy now mirrors its geography: far removed from Europe and alone at sea.

Apparently it’s not only Iceland that Jews have a problem with:

Recently, Thailand also moved to recognize Palestine. It is regrettable that countries like Iceland and Thailand…have chosen to strike out on their own.

After showing their hatred towards Norwegian’s and Thai’s, Jews go on by applauding the obedient good-“goyy” whores of the E.U. Quartet who strictly follow the orders given by their Jewish masters:

The E.U., as a member of the Quartet, seems to understand that it cannot act so irresponsibly.

Jewish Source 

It's time for us to turn our guns towards our common eternal enemy!

It’s time for us to turn our guns and aim at our common eternal enemy!

We have been played around and tolerated these disgusting KIKEroaches and their destructive behavior for far too long!


Duterte: I want to Holocaust Jews and their Drugs. I’m like a Filipino version of Hitler.

duterte-hitler-jew-slaughter-holocaust-drug-addict-dealer-philippines-president-3-million duterte-hitler-jew-slaughter-holocaust-drug-addict-dealer-philippines-president-3-million-narcotics

Philippines’ Duterte compares himself to Hitler

Philippines President: I’m Kind Of Like Hitler


US finds President Duterte’s Hitler comments “troubling”

SERIOUS OR RIDICULOUS Likening himself to the infamous Nazi leader Adolf Hitler (insert) who killed millions of Jews duringWorld War II, President Duterte says he’s also willing to kill 3 million drug addicts in the country. Some Jewish groups, however, found the statement outrageous. JOAN BONDOC/USHMM.ORG

Duterte’s ‘Hitler’ remark ‘unacceptable’

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has drawn a parallel between his deadly crime war and Hitler's massacre of Jews, saying he was "happy to slaughter" millions of drug addicts

Duterte: Me, a Hitler? He killed Jews. I’d happily slaughter 3 million addicts

Christians: We must help Jews stop Fascist Duterte and his Holy War against Hebrew crime



Fascist Duterte tells Jew Media that he will cleanse Philippines of Organized Hebrew Crime

Duterte is using the government to help his people and protect Filipinos from the murderous Jewish-run global drug trade. As a result, this Fascist mastermind of Davao has been relentlessly defamed and assaulted by the bloodthirsty Jewish race and their terrorist army of pathetic puppets.

Pres. Duterte answers a Question from a UK Reporter Aug 21, 2016

If you are helping International Jewry to spread drugs, poison, death and destruction in the Philippines, you can expect to be ruthlessly exterminated by the heroic National Socialist leadership of strongman alpha male Duterte.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte apologizes to Jewish Community for Hitler Comments