Duke and Striker explain how Trump uses Kushner as hostage to shield Aryans from other Jews

http://www.trueorthodox.com/pictures/kushnercourtjew1.jpgDuke and Striker on How Trump Chooses Bannon over Jew Kushner

Today Dr. Duke had Daily Stormer journalist Erik Striker as his guest for the hour. The discussed the riots as the University of California at Berkeley by left-wing “anti-fascists.” They also talked about Erik Striker’s recent article about Jarred Kushner losing his influence in the Trump administration as Steve Bannon emerges as Trump’s main advisor.

They discussed the dismay in the Jewish press as Trump actually follows through on his campaign platform and defies their attempts to manipulate him and dominate him. This is a fun and interesting show that everyone will enjoy. Please share it widely.

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Coward Jews use the so-called “goyyim” as human shields





In the ruthless war against Zion, we must employ merciless tactics against the eternal enemy


Hold on, warrior. Before we slit the slimy Hebrew throat, we might have a use for this deadly Semitic menace, as long as it is still alive. Move the disgusting Yid to the frontlines and let it be our human shield. bloodthirsty Jews might hesitate to fire at us if they see that there are throngs of yarmulke-wearing Kikes tied to our German panzers and Luftwaffe fighter jets.


Soldier, just wait a minute. Before you tie the noose to Goldberg, let’s transfer Shlomo and his family to strategic locations of high military importance, such as nuclear power plants and bridges. We should chain these ratfaced Zionist monsters by the dozens to every pillar of our magnificent Aryan constructions and have it surveilled by machine-gun wielding robots, just in case any craven Yid KIKEroach attempts to escape. Israel will think twice before bombing our base.


In the decisive battle against Z.O.G, we will make sure that any Jewish strike against us will result in hundreds of maimed and wounded hooknosed merchants and thousands of deceased Israelite cadavers.



Codreanu – The story of a legendary uncompromising militant heroic anti-Semitic revolutionary martyr


Failure is not an option. Either we exterminate the Jews, or these wretched hooknosed vermin will annihilate us. The Romanian Iron Guard could never accept defeat. The Legion, led by their divine Captain Codreanu, chose death over slavery. These fanatic holy warriors would kill Jews, or die trying. Study and learn how these anti-Semitic zealots organized and fought mercilessly to free their nation from the chokehold of International Jewry.

Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

http://oi41.tinypic.com/124alx1.jpgRead the most important book in the history of the World: Corneliu Zelea Codreanu – For My Legionaries: The Iron Guard

“The only way to save the White race from Extermination is by Attacking the Jew”

Nordic Resistance Movement Interview by Golden Dawn New York Division

Golden Dawn New York Division conducts interview with Simon Lindberg, leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement. NRM is a Nationalist [National Socialist] organization focused on defending the Scandinavian people from the hostile program of the Marxist Dictatorships ruling these states.

Simon explains the source of inspiration Golden Dawn provides the Nationalist movement in Scandinavia, and the reality of life in one of the most oppressive parts of Europe.

More info: https://www.nordfront.se/english

Klicka för större bild.

National Socialism is the only path to Total Aryan Victory over the inferior subhuman Jewish race. Adolf Hitler shows us the exclusive road to the truth regarding Race and the Jewish Problem. One must adopt the divine biological worldview in order to reach an accurate analysis of our struggle. Inaccurate analysis leads to inadequate solutions and misdirected actions, which in turn leads to failure and death. Organized radical revolutionary militant Antisemitic warfare will bring the ultimate uncompromising defeat of International Jewry and reward our supreme People with the magnificent thousand-year Reich of Atlantis. When Zion has been crushed, we will be living in a glorious White paradise.

Dr. Duke contemplates parliamentary path to Anti-Semitic justice and glory


Dr. David Duke is a brave heroic White freedom fighter who understands that any and all means must be used to destroy Zion and achieve justice.

07-11-16 – Dr. David Duke Exposes the Raging War on Whites & that He authorized a campaign committee to consider a Run for U.S. Congress against Sell-out Steve Scalise!

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07-12-16 – Dr. Duke Authorizes Campaign Committee for Possible Run for Congress!

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The evil Jewish race must be completely obliterated. Otherwise, it’s all over. This Ultimate Aryan Victory must be achieved no matter what. How we achieve this National Socialist success, is secondary. Our noble goal is so morally important that any method of achieving it is acceptable. The end of Zion justifies the means. All avenues must be explored to inflict maximum Hebrew suffering, pain and death. When we have built our glorious Hitlerite Reich on top of the rotting Hebrew carcasses, nobody will ask if we did it by ballot or by bullet, through revolution or through parliament. The only important thing in the final analysis will be that it got done!