National Socialists must financially strangle the Jew – Boycott Swarovski

These devious Yid vermin use blue-eyed White women in their ads to extort as much money from the so-called “goyyim” as possible.

Then, as in many times and places throughout history, things got ugly for the Jews. Mr. Swarovski packed up his family and left Jablonek for Austria, and set up shop. Why on Earth he picked Austria, well, nobody knows.

The Swarovskis ran their crystal business, generation after generation, doing moderately well until WWII. How they have weathered WWII when almost all the other Austrian Jews were handed over, well, no information on that either. Some reckon that it’s most likely because optical lenses were important for the war effort, and Swarovski made the best.

Source: JewishBusinessNews – Swarovski Crystal Still Sparkles After a Century


Don’t buy anything from the Jew Daniel Swarovski (Daniel Swartz) or his filthy tribe.

Note the discrete six pointed stars. These greedy gluttonous parasites use subtle ways to identify themselves to their fellow tribesmen while remaining hidden to their hated host populations around them.

Don’t hand over your shekels to these ravenous ratfaced Kikes.

10 year old Austrian boy brutally raped – Because Jews bring Homo Moslem Pedophiles to Europe

Jews admit that they have a central leadership role in the genocidal 'immivasion' against Europe.

Jews admit that they have a central leadership role in the genocidal ‘immivasion’ against Europe.

‘Sexual emergency’ Iraqi refugee raped 10yo boy at swimming pool in Austria

The massive premeditated rape against the supreme White race is an ancient Hebrew tradition. The inferior subhuman Jewish race sees pedophilic sexual assault against Übermensch Germanic People as an essential Talmudic quest that must be fulfilled by any means necessary. Jews who are caught raping and murdering Aryan people are declared as innocent heroes by the entirety of the disgusting Hebrew tribe. This can be factually demonstrated as in the case of the ratfaced child-murdering pedophile Jew Leo Frank and the defenceless victim Mary Phagan. Jews don’t see any reason to punish such a hooknosed beast: “He didn’t do anything wrong goyyim. He only raped and killed a worthless White shiksa! Vat iz the problem?”

Rapist Jews sexully murdered hundreds of thousands of Aryan women. Unless You are a Jew or a coldhearted spineless coward, You must by now realize that the vile Jews must be forcefully and painfully exterminated by the most violent means possible. How could anybody in their right mind deny such a basic fact of nature? The Jew must be destroyed!

Death to Zion!

Final Solution Now!

ZOG: Moslems can come to Europe as long as they learn to love Jews and believe in Holocaust

Border Checks: Vienna deploys army, limits asylum program

Kurdish invader in Europe:

“The authorities [Jews and White traitors] want us to assimilate [race-mix]. They [ZOG and Caucasoid Zogbots] want to erase our past, our culture [anti-Semitism], and traditions [natural righteous hatred against the evil Jewish race]. You have to become like them [faggoty democratic liberal Jew-loving tolerant anti-racist feminists], if you want to live there…”