“Jews control EDL!” – Nick Griffin of BNP

Jews who have led the ‘immivasion’ into Europe, as part of their divide and conquer strategy, are trying to control the opposition to their genocidal agenda. British people should depose and eliminate the Jew masterminds who are responsible for the British being replaced in their own homeland. The natural racial conflict, which stems from Jews flooding the islands with other races, will be solved by separation. The same Jews who brought about the chaos of multi-racialism are now in the stages of using the tense racial conflict between Whites and non-Whites, to start a race-war, which would spill blood on both sides and create chaos and mayhem, while leaving the Jews as masters of the game. Nick Griffin of the British National Party explains:

EDL Exposed

Since the UK has some of the most repressive Jew-communist censorship laws in the World, exposing and resisting Jew-power openly has become a sensitive walk between freedom and prison. Maybe that explains why Nick Griffin is consciously misleading in some parts of his speech. The neocons are overwhelmingly Jews, not British stock, as Griffin claims.

A bunch of hooknosed bloodthirsty demons, an organized crime network calling themselves ‘neo-cons’. I’ll let you decide if they are Anglo-Saxons or Jews…

Screaming Dick Cheney’s name doesn’t prove that Neo-Conservatism is English, it just proves that Jews use a few ‘good goyyim’ traitors to further their agenda. It always helps having a non-Jew poster-boy who they can point to when the public turn against them, and their tyranny is exposed. As they do so well with Stalin, while the thousands of Jews who controlled him get pushed under the carpet.

“It vazn’t us Jewish people, It vaz Stalin!” No you disgusting ratfaced Kike Jew! It WAS the Jews!

In addition, it is pointless to talk about individual Jews, as you have to look at the Jewish Problem in its entirety. It doesn’t matter if you have a few “good Jews”. That doesn’t change the fact that it is the Jews! It’s not some Jews, it’s ALL Jews. Splitting the Jews up into factions and putting emphasis on “Likud Jews” or “radical Jews” doesn’t change the fact that they are overwhelmingly a unified tribe, working together on everything that destroys their enemies and benefits their own race. They must be judged as a group.

Jews will all HANG together!

Above clockwise: Streicher, Jodl, Sauckel, Frick, Ribbentrop. Jewry murdered the National Socialist heroes who liberated Germany from Zion, and were close to free the entire European continent from Jew-communist hell-on-Earth. Kikes make no excuse or remorse over the use of rope, they are proud of it! Yids would gladly do it to YOU who is reading this right now, if they could. Death by hanging… a punishment that is soon going to solve the Jewish Problem all over the World, once and for all.