Nervous Panic-Stricken Jews Desperately try to assassinate Aryan Legend Dr. David Duke

Dr. David Duke has a long history of heroic anti-Semitic action and brave National Socialist pro-White activism. Whilst visiting Sweden, he was a target of attempted murder by bloodthirsty genocidal Jews.

Filthy hook nose kike jews try to assassinate David Duke


Assassination Attempt Against David Duke Fails!

David Duke – Reporting to you from Sweden. I am currently in Sweden where I gave two speeches at the Nordic Alliance Festival. Over 400 people were in attendance at the indoor/outdoor facility in the beautiful Swedish countryside. Also speaking was Klaus Menzel who is a NPD elected member of the Parliament from Saxony in Germany. The Jewish extremist elements in the press here had carried out two weeks of intensive hate propaganda against the Festival and me. Apparently, the Zionists planted a bomb at our staging area at the festival. According to the police, the two timed explosive devices were meant for me and the participants. Very fortunately, the bombs failed to detonate. Hopefully later today, Sunday, I can offer you a complete report on the event, the terrorist attack upon us, and the activities of the festival. This terroristic attack against us did not lessen my resolve or that of any of the participants. Even after the announcement of the failed bombs, not a single person was intimidated or left the festival. Our festival continued on until its scheduled completion late Saturday night and was an event of great inspiration for all. In my second speech after learning of the bombs, I pointed out that our enemies are terrorists who seek to suppress free speech and when that doesn’t work, they resort to terror and intimidation. I said to the enthusiastic audience, “Ladies and Gentlemen, in the cowardly attack against us, once again the true nature of the enemies of our people is revealed. In the resolve and dedication I see on your faces, in the courage I feel in your stout hearts, we announce to the world that smears and slanders will not stop us, imprisonment of our leaders and truth tellers will not stop us…bullets and bombs will not stop us! We will persevere and go forward toward victory. We will work and struggle on until our people are once again free, until our people’s existence is secured, until we fulfill the bright destiny that God has given us!” Further reports will be forthcoming… Yours for our Heritage and Freedom! David Duke

Haven’t these despicable Jews realized that you can’t spook the Duke?

When will these dirty disgusting Kikes learn that you can’t rebuke the Duke?

Jews have a long history of terrorism.

Jews tried to murder Dr. David Duke with bombs just as these hooknosed maniacs massacred thousands on 9/11.

Jews are the masters of terrorism.

Dr. David Duke chose parliamentary route to Crush Jew and Free America!

Dr. David Duke is a brave heroic White freedom fighter who understands that any and all means must be used to destroy Zion and achieve justice.

David Duke Announces for US Senate

The evil Jewish race must be completely obliterated. Otherwise, it’s all over. This Ultimate Aryan Victory must be achieved no matter what. How we achieve this National Socialist success, is secondary. Our noble goal is so morally important that any method of achieving it is acceptable. The end of Zion justifies the means. All avenues must be explored to inflict maximum Hebrew suffering, pain and death. When we have built our glorious Hitlerite Reich on top of the rotting Hebrew carcasses, nobody will ask if we did it by ballot or by bullet, through revolution or through parliament. The only important thing in the final analysis will be that it got done!

Jews: Americans who Advocate “America First” are Anti-Semitic Nazi Racists

Before Trump! — The David Duke “America First” Policy
An excerpt from an Interview in 1992 in which Dr. David Duke promotes his America First Policy and how free trade with Mexico and China will be disastrous for American business and workers. All Before Trump, just as Dr. Duke’s immigration policies came long before Trump.,_Hamilton,_Their_New_Jerusalem,_1892_Cornell_CUL_PJM_1111_01.jpg