Brave Palestinian Hero hunts down Jew media bosses in Sweden for confrontation

Only a militant and fanatic organized National Socialist revolution can strangle the slimy throat of the ratfaced Kike, and thereby save the World from the death grip of Zion.

Megafonerna hälsar på hos de ovilliga “journalisterna”

Even after they have been completely defeated and get down on their hands and knees, begging for forgiveness, they shall not receive any mercy nor compassion.

National Socialists raise Viking flag with Ancient Norse Rune – Jews: “goyyim must suffer”

The filthy enemy Jews now have to face devout and fanatic Hitlerites in 5 Nordic countries. The Nordic Resistance Movement is the leading National Socialist organization in Northern Europe. The heroic and militant struggle against Zion is mobilizing in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. When the hooknosed vermin hear their boots, Yids urinate down the sides of their legs out of fear.

Faneaksjoner i en rekke norske byer

National-Socialism and the uncompromising fanatical struggle of the eternal Codreanu, under the green banners of ‘The Nordic Resistance Movement’, continues conquering more enemy territory in Scandinavia and liberating it from Jewish occupation.

The flag of the National Socialist Nordic Resistance Movement in Scandinavia, based on a rune from ancient Aryan Pagan religion. The T-rune is named after the Norse Viking god Týr, the son of Odin in the Icelandic Eddas. Týr is a god of war and will take mead, meat and blood [of evil enemy Jews] for sacrifice. If a warrior carved the rune Tîwaz on his weapon he would be dedicating it to Týr and strengthen the outcome of a battle to be in his favor. After a warrior has dedicated his weapon to Týr he should not lose it or break it.

The Resistance Movement is expanding, with a vision of freedom for the Nordic Nations (from Jewish occupation) and a unified National Socialist Norse Republic. They have established themselves in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland.

The immortal soul of Codreanu continues living in the physical ‘New Man’ forged by disciplined training and fanaticism.

National Socialist War Hero Mannerheim becomes Negro when Jews disgrace him in movie

Gustaf Mannerheim 1904, som generalmajor i den ryska armén

“Don’t believe your lying eyes, goyyim, Can’t you see that the Nordic war hero Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim is as black as a piece of charcoal?” – Evil Jewish Race

Suomen Marsalkka The Marshal of Finland Trailer

Adolf Hitler gratulerar Mannerheim på 75-årsdagen i juni 1942

Mannerheim fought alongside Hitler to rescue Northern Europe from bloodthirsty genocidal Marxist Jews. As soon as Hebrew movie-producers got involved, these ratfaced hooknosed Kikes transformed the National hero of Finland into a corrupt African warlord.