“Do Jews control the Men’s Rights Movement?” – John Alan Martinson Jr.

Andrea Dworkin – This creature convinced women that all sexual penetration with a man was equivalent to rape.

“…What men need to look out for is the voice that’s telling them that feminism can be overcome by anything short of taking down the Jewish capitalist world order. Men cannot win the day the way feminists did—with protest signs and T-shirts—because men’s rights do not equate to more money for capitalists.

Anyone who expects a Jewish men’s rights activist to tell them the answer to pulling down a feminist society [engineered by Jews to weaken us, destroy our families and ultimately give Jews more power] is fooling themselves.

Men must organize and fight their masters…and we must do so at the risk of our lives. This is the only way. Any other message is coming from the mouth of a liar or a coward…”

Betty Friedan – This Jewish communist helped destroy families across the globe.

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