National Socialist War Hero Mannerheim becomes Negro when Jews disgrace him in movie

Gustaf Mannerheim 1904, som generalmajor i den ryska armén

“Don’t believe your lying eyes, goyyim, Can’t you see that the Nordic war hero Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim is as black as a piece of charcoal?” – Evil Jewish Race

Suomen Marsalkka The Marshal of Finland Trailer

Adolf Hitler gratulerar Mannerheim på 75-årsdagen i juni 1942

Mannerheim fought alongside Hitler to rescue Northern Europe from bloodthirsty genocidal Marxist Jews. As soon as Hebrew movie-producers got involved, these ratfaced hooknosed Kikes transformed the National hero of Finland into a corrupt African warlord.

Finland – The Graveyard for Marxist Jews and their rapist Red puppet-soldiers of Zion

Dead Russian soldier propped upright by Finnish troops during the Winter War as a warning to other Russian troops and their Marxist Jew masters.

The Finnish people understood that defeat would mean the gang-rape and mass murder of their innocent and defenceless White women and children. Losing the war against the bloodthirsty Communist Jews and their ravenous allies would be the end. National Socialism was, and always is the only key to victory.

Vile Marxist dies after launching infectious poz-spit attack on anti-Semitic National Socialist heroes

Secret One-Hit-Kill Kicking Technique – For Self-Defense only!!!


Neo-Nazi member railway station attack

Basically, some degenerate drug addict with a long criminal record assaulted a nationalist with a deadly weapon (spitting on him with poz-spit), and a comrade kicked the sleazebag in the head to defend him.

A week later, the antifa scum (who had left the hospital and was back home) died of a brain hemorrhage, presumably because he was still taking drugs.

Now, the state is using this incident as some excuse to call the NRM a “violent” group. They have the nerve to say this, while the police is letting antifa beat up restrained nationalists with impunity!

Finnish antifa did this to a nationalist with the Police’s blessing… And we’re the violent ones! – Finland: NRM to be Banned Over Self-Defense-Related Death of Antifa Scum