Jews and Pedophilia – Til Death Do Them Part

‘Winstonsmithministryoftruth’ has documented yet another case of unspeakable Jewish depravity and crimes against humanity. This leaves only one possible conclusion and solution: the total destruction of Zion (alternatively complete isolation of Jewry into a sterile environment completely empty of any other living things or natural resources, which in itself is a very unrealistic scenario).

1797: Jews dominating child sex slavery

In Constantinople(A) there is a market for slaves of both sexes, and the Jews are the principal merchants, who bring them to be sold: there are great numbers of girls, brought from Hungary(1), Greece(2), Candia(3), Circassia(4), Mingrelia(5), and Georgia(6), for the Turks, who buy them for their seraglios (harems).

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