Golden Dawn: To Hell with the New York Times! Death to the Filthy Jewish Press!

Nikolaos Michaloliakos: “To Hell with Every Muižnieks!” (English Subtitles)

This footage is from the 2013 Imia memorial. Our leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos addressed our critics, the media, the “humanitarians”, and all who try to dictate to us, the Greeks, how we should behave in our country. They can all go to hell! Greece belongs and will always belong to the Greeks!

A devious Semitic villain owns and controls the mass media all over the World.

A devious Semitic villain owns and controls the mass media all over the World.

Truthful Anti-Semitic publications exterminate Mythomaniac Jewish Press

Greek National Socialist: Marxist Jews only understand the language of the gun

JAMES SEARS Ward 32 Councillor Candidate on Using Intimidation & Public Shaming on Leftists

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Click image to enlarge: St. Germaine: Homophobic Slurs on Star Ray TV

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The brave Greek warrior Dr. James Sears (born Dimitrious Sarafopoulos) is incorruptible, uncompromising, tenacious, fanatical, loyal and unwavering in his devotion to the National Socialist political party’s platform. Dr. Sears has been slandered and attacked by the despicable Jewish race, leading us to understand that he is fully committed to solving the racial Jewish Problem in order to bring freedom and justice to Canada. The military veteran, physician and genius marketer Dr. James Sears is the editor-in-chief of the militant and viciously anti-Semitic newspaper, the biggest anti-Marxist publication in the World. With over 300 000 readers, the truths told in this magazine horrifies the timid Hebrew parasite and makes many coward Jews fall down on their knees to cry for mercy. But the hooknosed vermin will get neither sympathy, nor compassion from these determined Hitlerite soldiers, in this war of existence or extinction.

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Read the October 2015 edition for free HERE.

The propaganda of ‘The New Constitution Party of Canada’ (Le Parti de la Nouvelle Constitution du Canada) is brutally militant and aggressive, always dehumanizing the hooknosed enemy and advocating violence against the bloodthirsty Marxist Jewish race. Jewish organizations, known for engaging in pedophilia and terrorism, accused Dr. Sears of planning a “second” so-called “Holocaust” after his political party pledged to crush the Communist vermin. Jews apparently see a strong link between Bolshevism and Judaism.

Dr. James Sears has vowed to protect all animals from torture, which was a promise interpreted as “vicious anti-Semitism” and “blind Jew-hatred” by International Jewry, who apparently see animal-torture as something central to their sadistic racial culture. Dr. Sears’ unrelenting assault against Zion shows that he is a devoted Hitlerite and a Canadian folk-hero. Dr. Sears has understood that someone has to stop these Kikes, and it’s not going to happen by wishing, but by acting. The Jew must be destroyed!

Dr. James Sears: “I see you, Jew. I’m coming for you!”

James Sears schools a Zionist moron.

Greek National Socialists vow to punish the Vile Murderous Terrorist Jews

Alexandros Gerontas: “Giorgos and Manos Showed the Way of the Struggle and Sacrifice!”

The destruction of Zion is destined to happen. No matter how much these filthy Jews try to survive, nothing will get in the way between us and our mission to obliterate the star of David.

Resistance is futile. The destruction of Zion is destined to happen. No matter how much these filthy panic-stricken Jews try to survive, nothing will get in the way between us National Socialists and our epic mission to obliterate the star of David. The more these nervous parasite Jews try to fight us, the stronger we become. The desperate Jewish attempt to stop our swastika from rising is amusing, but pointless. When the Hebrew forest grows too wild, the purging fire of Adolf Hitler is inevitable. Some Jews might think that surrendering will spare their worthless lives. But this is a fatal flaw in their analysis. Whether they capitulate or not will not affect the final mortal outcome of this war, at this late stage. The extermination of the inferior subhuman Jewish race is a non-negotiable objective that will be met by any means necessary. Even if we have to annihilate the entire Universe in the process, we are determined by a sacred blood oath to wipe out International Jewry, down to the last despicable Kike. Their heinous Hebrew actions henceforth only determines the amount of pain that the evil Jew will suffer, before the end. But his violent doom is written in the White runestone of Arya.

Nordic National Socialists show support for the Greek struggle against Zion

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Swedish National Socialist activists of the Nordic Resistance Movement gathered outside the embassy of Greece, in Stockholm, and warned the Jews that Kikes will be punished harshly for occupying Greece illegally. The suffering of the Greek people will be avenged, promised the fanatic militant Hitlerites.


Giorgos Fountoulis and Manolis Kapelonis were two Golden Dawn members murdered by terrorist Jews and their Marxist assassins. Jews will pay a heavy price when we take back power. Surrender now, Jew, to avoid torture.


In Finland, the Nordic Resistance Movement sent out National Socialist activists to the embassy of Greece with torches. Coward Jews, who were scared of being set on fire in a “second” so-called “Holocaust”, fled for their lives and immediately called the local newspapers to tell their tear-dripping horror story. While crying like babies, these craven Yids explained that they had “survived” the deadly anti-Semitic flames of Adolf Hitler.