Bloodthirsty Jews funnel Swedish tax money to supply Moslem Terrorists with Shekels


Starting havoc and mayhem just for the fun of it, who else did you think was behind it? The Jew is a sadistic soulless creature. He is born to cause bloodshed and misery.


Jews: We prefer Anarchist Sunni pirates rather than organized Shia nukes

‘I prefer ISIS’ Iran’s terror infrastructure is greater threat to Israel – defense minister

Organized and orderly science-prone Shia Moslems are a superior enemy of the Jews as compared to gang-raping hollering hooligans roaming around with machine guns on a Toyota truck. When given the choice between the Shia mushroom cloud, or a primitive Sunni brute, the decision is simple for the opportunist Kike coward.

Are sadistic disorganized Moslems with AK47’s a threat to Israel? Craven Jews apparently don’t think so.