Alex Jones attacks corruption and World government – Jews: “Vicious Anti-Semitism!”

Alex Jones: ‘I’m Not Against Jews’

Don’t expect the White traitor Alex Jones to ever admit that the International Racial Jewish Problem is a fact of nature. This fat man is surrounded by ratfaced hooknosed goblins both at home and at work. These ravenous Hebrew monsters watch his every move. Alex Jones is invested in suppressing the truth about the Jewish Problem through more ways than purely financial sponsorship and ad revenue. He has also committed the perverse act of beastiality and fornicated with a female of the Jewish species. This is a horrific biological crime against humanity which has tragically resulted in the production of half-human half-Jew mongrel abominations. Therefore, if Alex Jones would concede that Jews are evil by blood, he would be condemning his own children. Jones will at the most try to contain this ethnic issue and try to maintain that it is more of a ideological/religious problem. He could then claim: “Oh, I am not a partial in this issue, because both me, my wife and my children are all opposed to Israel. We are anti-Zionist and Christian.”

Trump is surrounded on all sides by Evil Jews – Vile Kike Vermin need to be purged ASAP!

TRUMP IS THE SWAMP: Trump’s Jewish Elite MAFIA and The 5 Dancing Israelis (2017)

Will Trump put an end to Zion and rescue the World from the evil Jewish race?

Trump is now in power. He must get the secret service, police and military under his firm iron grip if he truly wants to annihilate Israel and free planet Earth from Jewish enslavement.

That will do Donald. Rifle, knife, sword, machine gun. All possible weapons will get the job done when aimed at the vile Jew and used with lethal force. But whatever mortal tool he chooses, we will need thousands of them, maybe millions. And the people who wield them must be ready to take as many worthless Hebrew lives as possible, or die trying.!/image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/600x400/image.jpg

For once, Donald Trump has the chance to finally use the American military against a legitimate target, a ruthless Semitic villain that truly deserves to be relentlessly attacked and liquidated.

Give the order Donald! Let’s go after Zion and squash these hooknosed parasites once and for all.

Jews had all of these weapons, missiles, bombs, robots and nukes built simply for the sinister Zionist purposes of global Hebrew conquest. Your precious armory is gratefully accepted, Kikes. We National Socialists will need it and make glorious use of it against all Jewish wasp nests and to obliterate the nefarious influence of Judah. Good night Juden!

Anti-Semitic Fascist Bane: “…Your precious armory, gratefully accepted! We will need it…”

National Socialist revolutionary Bane: “…Your precious [Hebrew] armory…”

“…gratefully accepted!…”

“…We [National Socialists] will need it [in our struggle to crush Zion and free the World]…”

Bat Drones will be used effectively by National Socialists in War against Evil Jewish Race

New robot flies just like a bat

Genius White Man invents Gun-carrying Drone – useful in war against Zion?

Bloodthirsty coward Jews use unmanned drones to mass murder innocent unarmed civilians, women, children and babies. The Jews do not put a value judgment into the method used to kill their enemies. So why do You? Any and all options are on the table when it comes to obliterating the ruthless Hebrew foe. The Jew would rape and murder your family without even blinking. The war against Zion must be merciless and without compassion.

Video of Gun-Firing Drone Spurs Investigation

Can you imagine what we could do if we could get the military under our glorious National Socialist control? Can you visualize the amount of dead rotting Jew corpses we could pile up onto a giant Hebrew mountain of death? With high-tech weapons in our noble Hitlerite hands, we could wipe out the Jewish parasites within a number of days. Hunting down the Jew with heat-detecting flying robots will be such a magnificent task. As soon as the Jew DNA is detected in the hooknosed vermin, these sneaky Kikeroaches will have nowhere to hide. Drone strike after drone strike will rain down on these Hebrew rats and free our World from their terror and misery.