RT Urinates on Graves of National Socialist Liberators and their Heroic Struggle to Crush Jew-Marxism

Nazi Kindergarten Shame: Baltic divided over dark past

The filthy Jew-loving Marxist traitors and Jews that work for Putin’s propaganda front known as ‘Russia Today’ describes National Socialist Germany and their struggle to free the entire World from Jew-Bolshevik gulags and mass murder as:

“…the genocidal Nazi regime, the most murderous in world history…”

Giving cover and excusing the rapist Red Army of Zion, who apparently, according to the liars at RT, were out to save Europe, by forcing Europe to succumb under a Jewish-led red empire, dotted with communist gulags and torture-centers.

So in other words, RT approves of the 100 million Russians, Ukrainians, Romanians, Hungarians, Poles, Azeris, Chinese etc. that were raped, decapitated, forcibly starved to death, and murdered in the most depraved Talmudic fashion by Jew mass-murderers. And it should NOT have been stopped by the Germans.

Sick bastards! RT is defending the Jew-Soviet occupation of the Baltic states and condemning their healthy and fierce resistance against death-by-Jew.

Here is another Kike Jew pretending to be a Russian, working for the Jewish propaganda outlet Russia Today, always pushing fake mythical sob-stories about “anti-Semitism” and the so-called “Holocaust”. A channel that is obsessed with smearing National Socialism and Hitler with big Jewish lies and projections.

Latvians Honor The Fallen National Socialist Freedom Fighters – Enemy Jews Soil Their Diapers


Communist Jews Kosher-slaughtered between 60-135 million non-Jews.

Nazi nostalgia? Latvia’s Berzins slammed for controversial WWII soldier tribute

You filthy craven Jews can run, but eventually you will all taste lead. That is the only certain thing for the Jew.

National Socialists tried to rescue Europe from the Red Hell-on-Earth of Jew-Marxism…You filthy craven Jews can run, but eventually you will all taste lead. That is the only certain thing for the Jew.

Jews demand compensation – For Raping and Murdering 100 Million Europeans during Communism

International Jewry are the eternal parasites, the blood-draining murderers of planet Earth. We have to organize and destroy them to rescue the World.

September 20, 2012

WASHINGTON (JTA) — A resolution urging the return or compensation of property seized from Jews during the Nazi and communist [YES, JEW-COMMUNISM!! These filthy kikes need to be tortured to death slowly!] eras was passed by the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

The resolution passed Wednesday calls on European countries such as Poland, Romania, Latvia, Slovenia and Croatia to establish a “simple, transparent and timely process” for the return or compensation of seized property, and the secretary of state to issue an updated report evaluating whether these governments have “met the basic standards and best practices of the international community.”

Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) sponsored the resolution, which was co-sponsored by Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) and Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio).

Calling it one of his “top priorities,” Cardin said, “We have had some successes in this area, but not nearly enough, and now time is running out for Holocaust survivors who are elderly and who often have pressing financial needs.”

According to the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, the value of seized Jewish assets as of 2005 was between $143 billion and $215 billion. In 1930s dollars, the seized items were valued at $10 billion to $15 billion.

Are you happy being plundered and raped by Jews? Then continue doing nothing and keep complaining like a bitch. Otherwise organize and wage fanatical battle to the death against this ruthless enemy, like Codreanu did in Romania.


Filthy Jewish Task Agency: Senate committee passes Jewish compensation resolution

Latvian Children are Taught about the Heroism of the National Socialist Waffen SS Freedom-Fighters

Rat bastard Kike Jews cry about the so-called “Holocaust” and the supposed 6 million Jews that were turned into lamp-shades, shrunken Jew-heads, Jew-soap, bacon and Jew-sausages…

Latvians Honour Waffen-SS Veterans: March on Latvian Legion Day Honours Soldiers for Nazi Germany

On top of glorifying the genocidal rapist Red Army of Zion, the Jew-lovers at ‘Russia Today’ have written a story full of Jewish propaganda under the title: Bring Nazi to school day? SS lesson at Latvian nursery sparks controversy