Latino Sell-Outs Aid Enemy Jews – Yids Brainwash and Bribe Mexicans to be “Good-Goy Slaves”

latino leaders visit israelThe eternal Kikes are experts at forging alliances with minorities in order to exploit them and use them against the host population whom Yids strive to undermine. The Mexicans are walking into a trap, and their leaders are betraying their race by accepting short-term shekels, for a long-term knife in the back. After the Jews are done with the White Europeans, do the South and Central Americans think that they themselves will be spared?

Los Angeles communities coming together: LA Jews and Latinos enjoy business dialogue

Jew source: The Jewish criminal terrorist organization and pedophile advocacy group Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith – U.S. Latino Leaders on ‘Trip of a Lifetime’ to Israel Get Up-Close Look at Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Jew-Puppet Vicente Fox supports White genocide: “Fuck Donald Trump!”

Vicente Fox, right, and Ben Mathis, host of Kickass Politics Podcast. Mathis shared the photo with the message: “Vicente Fox and I have a message for Donald Trump.”

“Listen up goyyim! You will flood the White nazi gringos up North with your Brown rapists, criminals and low-life scum! Comprende?”

The White traitor Vicente Fox is descended from Basque and German Catholic Christians. This vulgar yellow-bellied turncoat has decided to exterminate the People he belongs to, by mixing them out of existence using Jewish-sponsored biological warfare.