National Socialists raise Viking flag with Ancient Norse Rune – Jews: “goyyim must suffer”

The filthy enemy Jews now have to face devout and fanatic Hitlerites in 5 Nordic countries. The Nordic Resistance Movement is the leading National Socialist organization in Northern Europe. The heroic and militant struggle against Zion is mobilizing in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. When the hooknosed vermin hear their boots, Yids urinate down the sides of their legs out of fear.

Faneaksjoner i en rekke norske byer

National-Socialism and the uncompromising fanatical struggle of the eternal Codreanu, under the green banners of ‘The Nordic Resistance Movement’, continues conquering more enemy territory in Scandinavia and liberating it from Jewish occupation.

The flag of the National Socialist Nordic Resistance Movement in Scandinavia, based on a rune from ancient Aryan Pagan religion. The T-rune is named after the Norse Viking god Týr, the son of Odin in the Icelandic Eddas. Týr is a god of war and will take mead, meat and blood [of evil enemy Jews] for sacrifice. If a warrior carved the rune Tîwaz on his weapon he would be dedicating it to Týr and strengthen the outcome of a battle to be in his favor. After a warrior has dedicated his weapon to Týr he should not lose it or break it.

The Resistance Movement is expanding, with a vision of freedom for the Nordic Nations (from Jewish occupation) and a unified National Socialist Norse Republic. They have established themselves in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland.

The immortal soul of Codreanu continues living in the physical ‘New Man’ forged by disciplined training and fanaticism.

Jews: “Nazis are pathetic and powerless, but we must take them very seriously and jail them”

Jews try to ridicule the National Socialist Nordic Resistance Movement by using the filthy Hebrew media to produce satire against the supreme White race. It is interesting that ratfaced Israelites on one hand claim that Hitlerites are desperate losers who are condemned to fail, and on the other hand beg various governments to shut us down by any means necessary.

Tidløs trend redder ung mann fra frustrasjon og ensomhet

Jews must be Exterminated – Hooknosed Pedophiles Produce and Export Child Sex Dolls

Pedophile Jews were arrested trying to import sex-dolls into Norway, resembling White children. Any traitor who defends the despicable Jewish race deserves torture and the most painful possible execution.

The pedophile cabal ‘NAMBLA’ had many Jewish leaders. The Marxist Jew and Sexual Bolshevist agitator, Allen Ginsberg✡☭ is perhaps historically the most high profile supporter of the group. In general most members are Jewish, such as Arnold Schoen✡ who is its spokesperson and does various high level functions of running the organization.

Hitler’s biggest mistake? He didn’t gas the Kikes!






The North American Man/Boy Love Association (better known as NAMBLA) is a pedophile and homosexual criminal cabal located in the United States, that lobbies to abolish laws which protect children from sexual abuse at the hands of perverts. It also wants the pedophile criminals who have been caught and put in prison for sexually abusing children to be released. Pederasty is such a deeply engrained Jewish tradition that Jews have documented baby-penis suction techniques in their racial guide-book known as the ‘Talmud’. The Hebrew ethnic codex even claims that it is permissable for an old and disgusting rabbi to rape “little girls under three years” (Kethuboth 58). It also states that “the intercourse of a small boy is not regarded as a sexual act” (Kethuboth 11b).


Hollywood Jew Woody Allen (born Allan Stewart Konigsberg)was allowed to adopt innocent young children. As predicted, this ferocious Kike couldn’t resist sexually assaulting and raping them. In the photo, you can see one of those victims: the Korean Soon-Yi. Woody Allen was caught undressing and taking depraved photos of this young Asian girl, whom he later forced to marry him. Since then, another victim has emerged, a blond White girl named Dylan.

After having sexually abused an abandoned Korean child for years, the Jew Woody Allen decided to make the pedophilic exploitation permanent. Deprived of her soul, and mentally broken down, Soon-Yi is dead inside and had nothing left but a severe condition of Stockholm-syndrome. After years of Freudian psycho-analysis by the perverted Hollywood Jew child-rapist Woody Allen, Soon-Yi was brainwashed into marrying her molestor. The depravity of the filthy Jewish race knows no bounds.

7-year old Dylan was handed over to the slimy Jew hands of the perverted pederast Woody Allen. The result was predictable to anybody who has eyes to see the vicious hatred in the cold beady eyes of a Hollywood producer. It is not a coincidence that Jews are constantly caught raping and molesting children. It is a genetic disposition that all Jews are born with, they can’t help it. Exploiting defenceless innocent creatures comes as natural to the Jew as hunting is to a lion. Allowing Jews to have access to blond Aryan children is a crime against humanity. But the real question is why we have let these wretched vermin infest this planet for so damned long!? When will we be responsible human beings and rid this virus once and for all?

Jews never cease trying to normalize the sick perverted behavior that is natural to their race.

The pedophile Jew Roy Naim let his Jewish genetics freely manifest in his behavior. Other Jews struggle to control their pederasic DNA, but Naim is just as natural as Yids come.

Jews are baby-raping pedophiles by nature. They can’t help it. It is embedded in their DNA. But we can stop them. We just need lots of rope and lots of courage and sacrifice. Organize like Hitler and/or Codreanu!