Proud HIV-infected homo Jews organize gay party in Taiwan – 500 faggots burned by fire


“Oy Vey! It vaz a real Homocaust!”

Waterpark Blaze: Fire injures 400+ people in Taiwan

Here’s a look at the rainbow banners promoting the event. The “gay pride” aspect of the event was not overtly pushed by the homophile Jews due to the more conservative family culture of Taiwan:

Here’s a still image from the rainbow event promotional video, showing the rainbow colors in the logo, and the “sperm” logo of one of the Hebrew event sponsors (see the sperm logo on the far left):

The cunning Jews deceptively invited many non-degenrates as well, in a discrete tactic to recruit normal Asians into the sexually deviant Jewish homo movement. The concert saw hundreds of young filthy homo, bi, transvestite psychopaths and other freaks, celebrating anal sex pride with music and dancing:

Rainbow-colored special effects were launched into and above the crowd, to “shower the partygoers” in the colors of the gay pride rainbow:

Due to the inevitable natural National Socialist laws of physics, the dispersal of the colored glitter material (full of flammable metals) combined with oxygen in the air and a small ignition source (probably someone’s cigarette lighter) to ignite the rainbow glitter into a massive fireball:

The fire rapidly exploded almost like a fuel-air bomb, engulfing the entire scene:

Hundreds of misfits were engulfed in flames as they desperately tried to escape the raining down of fire upon their heads. Their clothing ignited, and many miscreants experienced third-degree burns over 80 percent of their bodies. You can see the silhouette shapes of the reprobate scoundrels in this frame as they are being burned while still alive, desperately trying to scramble away from the engulfing flames:

As the fire engulfed the depraved faggots, many fell to the ground where they burned until the flames had no more fuel.

Sponsored by gay Jewish corporate sponsors

It’s abundantly clear that the Taiwan gay pride “rainbow” event was sponsored by Jewish gay advocacy organizations. This link, of course, is being vehemently denied in the Jew-owned mainstream media, which does not want to link gay pride events to a catastrophe that harmed hundreds of people. It is obvious why there’s such a desperate effort to try to deny that this was a gay pride event by the despicable Jewish race when it clearly was.

The anti-Semitic facts are undeniable and irrefutable. Of course the event was a “gay pride” event. It was sponsored with the logo of a sperm, from a gay male apparel company.

A closer look at the sperm logo reveals it to be a Jewish corporate sponsor called New Urban Male which features gay models promoting clothing fashions:

New Urban Male Taiwan, a key corporate sponsor of the event, features a Facebook page with a rainbow teddy bear and a “Love Wins” balloon, along with gay men in a headlock, wearing fashionable underwear. The “love wins” hashtag is what’s being widely circulated in the aftermath of the U.S. Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage nationwide.

Other images from the Gay Urban Male website feature this disgusting Jew gay propaganda underwear:

…and this poster proudly proclaiming how New Urban Male is the “official apparel for Manhunt International, 2012.”

Manhunt International is an international gay modeling contest, as shown in this picture from their website:

Do you wonder why the leaders of the 'homo-lobby' have rat-like features and look like hooknosed monsters? It might be because the homo agenda is pushed by loudmouthed Yid beasts.

Do you wonder why the leaders of the ‘homo-lobby’ have rat-like features and look like hooknosed monsters? It might be because the homo agenda is pushed by loudmouthed Yid beasts.