Brave Heroic Ukrainians Launch Organized Attack on Hebrew Crime Center – Gas Jews

Unlike in the so-called “Holocaust”, which unfortunately never happened, Jews were actually gassed this time in Ukraine, by pepper spray. Hopefully the affected Jews will die, but most likely, these Kikes will continue to live and suck the blood off of the goyyim as “survivors”.

Neo Nazis tiran una cabeza de cerdo y sangre falsa

“Ynetnews Jewish Scene Neo Nazis throw pig’s head, fake blood on Jews”

“It’s the Jews, Not the Khazars!” – Dr. David Duke and Prof. Kevin MacDonald

Dr Kevin MacDonald Destroys the Khazar Theory!

Dr. Kevin MacDonald comes on the Dr. David Duke Radio Show and effectively exposes Khazar Theory as completely a bogus concept purposely promoted by Zionists to hide their racism!

Jews: “It’s not the Jews! It’s the Turkic Khazar Mongolians!”

The myth that modern-day Jews are actually illegitimate converts of evil Turkic/Mongolian origin sounds like a great Hebrew tactic of subversive deflection. So who came up with the idea that Jewish crime should be blamed on Khazars? That’s right! A Marxist Jew by the name Arthur Koestler. Wow, what a coincidence. Couldn’t have predicted that one…

Look here at this bulletproof “evidence”. Shlomo drew a map on MS Paint and placed a star of David over Ukraine. This must prove that the Khazar theory is true. Right?

“You see goyyim, Jews were fine and dandy before the Khazar conversion. After those evil Mongolian Turks became Jews, that’s when everything went haywire.”

Let us completely exterminate the Khazar theory

The so-called Khazar conversion is claimed by subversive Jews to have taken place somewhere between the year 740 and 920. So therefore, if the Khazar theory is legit or even relevant, Jewish group behavior and nefarious Hebrew deeds must have an origin after the conversion, right? So the “true” Jews who have pure Jew blood, unaltered by any conversion or admixture of Khazar blood, must then be completely normal human beings.

The Talmud was written before the supposed Khazar conversion

jew rabbi talmudThe Talmud has two components: the Mishnah (c. 200 CE), and the Gemara (c. 500 CE). Let that sink in for a while “goyyim”. The racial codex of the Jewish race, the Talmud, was written hundreds of years before Khazars even knew what a Jew was.

Jews were baby-raping child-molesting pedophiles before the supposed Khazar conversion

These ratfaced demons can't keep their squalid fingers off of our children...REAL FINAL SOLUTION NOW!!!

These ratfaced demons can’t keep their squalid fingers off of our children…REAL FINAL SOLUTION NOW!!!

Jews were thrown out of countless countries before the supposed Khazar conversion

 photo 109.png

Note that Jews were asked to leave by multiple Peoples long before any interaction with Khazars. Bear in mind that this list is incomplete.

Jews were pushed out of the Roman Empire, because of typical Hebrew criminality and treachery. Were Jews secret Mongolian converts back then too?!

The ancient Egyptians had enough of these Jews and forcibly exiled these Hebrew scum. Unless Khazars had a time machine, these were “Real” “True” Jews, whatever that means. In light of such basic and simple historic facts, it is interesting to note that some thick-headed dishonest people can conclude that the Khazar theory is even relevant. Aside from the enemy Jews, who obviously have great benefit to gain from deflecting dislike and hatred towards nomadic Central-Asians, other non-Jews who push the Khazar theory must be demolished for the corrupt and fraudulent scum that they are. The credibility of these traitors can be judged easily, when they are openly admitted to be driven by an agenda rather than the truth.

Esther and king

The heroic Persian martyr Haman wanted to kill the Jews and rescue his people from the tyranny of the star of David. Jews subsequently had Haman murdered in a cowardly fashion. If you claim that Jews were converted Khazars back then, please get your head examined.

According to Christian theology, Jesus took a whip and hunted down greedy ravenous money-changing Jews. These craven Kikes ran for their lives. Unless Jesus lived 740 years after his own birth, these Jews had probably nothing to do with Khazars.

The Islamic armies of Muhammad slaughtered Jews in Khaibar, for the heinous offenses and transgressions of the Hebrew tribe. Enemy Jews and traitors would have you believe that these were actually not Jews, but secretly converted Mongolian Turks. Yeah, and the Jews are innocent little angels, right Koestler, you lying Yid!?

Let us compare Jews and Central-Asian Khazar / Turkic / Mongols biologically

Aside from sharing the hooked noses in some cases, Turkic Peoples are completely different and a very distinct race to the Semitic.

Jews are repulsive monsters, inferior subhumans.

Turkic Central-Asian nomadic Kazak.

Jew. I must be blind if Jews and Turks/Mongolians are supposed to be one and the same.

Central-Asian Turkmen girl. If the Khazar conversion really happened, Jews of today should look like her…

…but Jews look like this.

Central-Asian Turkmen nomads practicing their unique culture.

The rapist Jewish race are the destroyers and defilers of culture.

The rapist Jewish race are the destroyers and decomposers of culture.





Central-Asiatic Mongoloid nomads.






Let us compare the group behavior of Jews and Central-Asian Khazar / Turkic / Mongols


Turkic Peoples live off of nature, in symbiosis with it. They see animals as more than something to be slaughtered and eaten. Animals are life companions which they depend on and cannot live without.

The Jew is a parasitic virus. They live in contrary to nature as an enemy of the natural forces that govern this World. Kikes see animals as worthless creatures that Yids are commanded by “Yahweh” to torture and slit the throats of.

The Mongolian sees nature as something sacred. He must learn to respect and live by the brutal laws of the universe.

The pedophile cabal 'NAMBLA' had many Jewish leaders. The Marxist Jew and Sexual Bolshevist agitator, Allen Ginsberg✡☭ is perhaps historically the most high profile supporter of the group. In general most members are Jewish, such as Arnold Schoen✡ who is its spokesperson and does various high level functions of running the organization.

The Jew sees nature as an enemy, something that must be defeated, defiled, raped and destroyed.


The Mongolian sees labor as something honorable. Only after a long hard days work, can the nomad lie down for a hard-earned rest. Working physically is not simply a means to an end, it is a glorious deed in itself. Without engaging with hands and feet and putting some effort in, the Mongolian realizes that he will succumb to the ruthless forces of the World. Food and survival depends on his dedication and constant respect for his animals and the nature around him/her.

The Jew is a bloodsucking leech. He wants riches, but wants the “goyyim” to grind. He expects to sit like an effendi and eat, while non-Jews service like donkeys.

The Mongolian lives in a tent, exposed to the elements. He fears and respects the divine powers of nature and feels it on a daily basis. The nomad despises the urban life and wants nothing more than to escape from the disgusting cosmopolitan city centre. The Turkic wants to see nothing but a blue horizon, to feel the wind of the steppe and the smell of the green grass.

The Jew is a cosmopolitan bacillus. He prefers to live in the sewer of New York City. The more “goyyim”, the better. So many “shiksas” to choose from. So many non-Jews to toil and sweat while he sits and scams them of their hard-earned money.


The Mongolian believes in an ancient Shamanic religion that regards the forces of nature to be divine. This Pagan tradition allows him to live in harmony with his surroundings in a humble and balanced way.

The Jew is a possessed demon. He worships a monotheistic tribal desert god known as “Yahweh” and is driven by hatred. He believes himself to be above nature and the enemy of it. He despises the World and always seeks to debase and deteriorate his surroundings.

 photo mongol4.jpg

The Mongolians, Turks and other Central Asian nomadic Peoples are war-like tribes not shy to engage in battle to the death. They see the sword as an extension of their arm. They live by the arrow and die by the spear. He is prepared to jump into a fight without hesitation, whether superior or inferior, whether outnumbered or not.

The Jew is a cowardly and timid creature, known for attacking women and children and even murdering babies in cold blood. If he doesn’t outnumber his enemy by at least 10:1, he will run for his life, leaving a rotten smell of feces behind him. The Kike gets other Peoples to fight and die for him, while he laughs in the background, surveilling the goyy-on-goyy slaughter from afar. He is a conflict-shy craven yellow-belly, preferring to engage in subterfuge and sideways non-violent conflict rather than to solve an issue man-to-man.



The Mongolian is practically born on horseback. He is introduced to the natural World and dies as a part of it.

As soon as Jews are born, they are molested and orally raped by herpes-infected rabbis. Shortly after birth, Jews initiate their newborns into the racial Hebrew tradition of homosexual pedophilia.

What is the purpose of this misdirection and deflection? Why did the Jew Arthur Koestler invent the Khazar myth? Why do Jews and traitors push this fairy tale?

His official biography, written by Michael Scammell, specifically quotes him on why he wrote “The Thirteenth Tribe.” His argument was that if he could persuade people that a non-Jewish “Khazar” heritage formed the basis of modern Jews, then this would be a weapon against European racially based anti-Semitism. “Should this theory be confirmed, the term ‘anti-Semitism’ would become void of meaning,” he said. According to Scammell, Koestler told French biologist Pierre Debray-Ritzen he “was convinced that if he could prove that the bulk of Eastern European Jews were descended from the Khazars, the racial basis for anti-Semitism would be removed and anti-Semitism itself could disappear.” (Source: Scammell, Michael. Koestler: The Literary and Political Odyssey of a Twentieth-Century Skeptic, Random House, 2009, ISBN 978-0-394-57630-5, p. 546.) There you have it. The Jewish radical who wrote “The Thirteenth Tribe,” the book which more than any other that advanced the “Khazar theory,” did so because he thought it would advance the interests of the Jewish people. Source: – “More on the Khazar Theory”: Koestler Admitted He Wrote His Book to Further Jewish Interests

Jews murder Russians and strip them naked – pile them up like worthless carcasses

Get organized. The worthless inferior subhuman Jew is not going to exterminate himself. The magnificent task of cleansing the universe from the disgusting Hebrew virus will be claimed by those brave heroes who will join forces and work as a team to accomplish glory and honor. Are You one of the legendary warriors who will live forever as a champion in history books and in the minds of our children and grandchildren?

Get organized. The worthless inferior subhuman Jew is not going to exterminate himself. The magnificent task of cleansing the universe from the disgusting Hebrew virus will be claimed by those brave heroes who will join forces and work as a team to accomplish glory and honor. Are You one of the legendary warriors who will live forever as a champion in history books and in the minds of our children and grandchildren?