Jews demand every country on Earth take Arab refugees – Except Israel

Interesting that data is missing for one specific country in the Middle East, even though it borders directly to Syria. Must be a simple coincidence, unless of course the mass media in the West is controlled by Jews, which is nothing but a hateful anti-Semitic canard and neo-nazi myth.

Syrian refugees: Which countries welcome them, which don’t

Where are the numbers for Israel, Shlomo?

‘Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol’: Anti-White Jewish Hollywood Propaganda Hate Fest

Ethan Hunt[berg] (Tom Cruise) will save International Jewry from the evil White man who wants to destroy the entire World!

Every Jew movie that comes out of Hollywood is a disgusting and bloody Jewish Purim celebration. And the new ‘Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol’ is no exception. The villains in this action-movie are the favorite targets of International Jewry: the White Aryan European. The movie is quite multi-racial, as are most movies from Hollywood: the Jewish stronghold. The list of villains seems oddly mono-racial though:

White Swedish Psychopaths working towards total World destruction

Evil and deceptive White Slavic cold-blooded murderess.

No worries, the dark beauty will save us from the Aryan she-monster.

The violent Jewish propaganda starts in the first minutes of the movie, when Tom Cruise’s character Ethan Hunt(stein) runs through a Russian prison in Romania, murdering and indiscriminately killing big blond Aryan Slavic prisoners leaving a trail of dead European bodies behind, as did the Jew Communist butchers in reality. In another scene of the movie, Ethan Hunt brags about ending the life of 6 Serbians.

Brandt: “And six dead Serbians was the ideal cover.”

Hunt: “Waste not, want not.”

In other words: if you have a chance to kill a Serbian, it would be a waste to miss it.

Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol – Official Trailer

It’s not the first time Tom Cruise betrays his own race for shekels from the Jewish movie industry:

In the anti-German movie ‘Valkyrie’ Tom Cruise wants to fulfill the age-old Jewish wet dream, to go back in time and kill the greatest man who ever existed, Adolf Hitler.

What else can you expect from a man who was married to part-Jew female beast Nicole Kidman:

Kidman is a Zionist who helps the state of Israel and pays regular visits there, according to

So who were the writers behind ‘Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol’ and this visual expression of Jewish hatred?

  • Josh Appelbaum (Jew) – the producer of the “Yiddish in Africa” honoring Isadore Schwalb [✡]
  • Bruce Israel Geller (Jew) – organizes an annual screenwriting competition with the stated purpose: “To increase the richness of contemporary Jewish culture through the creation of screenplays and films that reflects aspects of Jewish American experience.”
  • André Nemec (Jew) – “Nemec was born and raised in Yonkers, NY, where he attended Riverdale Country School with longtime writing and producing partner Josh Appelbaum [✡]. He then went on to attend New York University’s Tisch School for the Arts.”