Bloodthirsty Jews Attack and Murder Innocent Arabs – Then Demand that the World Condemn Arabs

Palestinians carry the body of Matar Abu Al-Atta killed the day before by an Israeli military attack, during his funeral in the al-Shoja’iya neighborhood east of Gaza City , November 11, 2012. In total 6 Palestinians were killed and more than 50 injured, some of them serious. Photo by: Anne Paq/

Jews attacked Gaza on November 10, killing 6 and wounding more than 50. At the same time, these sadistic murderers order non-Jews to support International Jewry in crushing any resistance against the brutal Jewish occupation:

UN Sec General condemns Gaza rocket attacks

Prostitute Call-Girl of Zion, Susan Rice – Demand that all Non-Jews Stop Resisting Jewish Occupation

Susan Rice, a dedicated servant of International Jewry, has asked all the member states of the United Nations to stop criticizing genocidal Jews and their crimes against humanity:

US re-elected to UN Human Rights Council

Iranian PressTV: Zionists seek to abuse US UNHRC place: Analyst