Jew David Stern hands over the NBA to Jew Adam Silver

Jew Adam Silver (left) is being handed over the NBA by Jew David Stern (right).

Jew Adam Silver (left) is being handed over the NBA by Jew David Stern (right).

The National Basketball Association has become a dreidel in the hands of the most evil creature walking this planet: THE JEW!

NBA commissioner stepping down in 2014

NBA is controlled by the eternal enemy Jew.

NBA is controlled by the eternal enemy Jew.

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"There never was a Holocaust in Romania" - Corneliu Vadim Tudor, Greater Romania Party
Jewnited Kingdom promises to Fight and Die for International Jewry

10 thoughts on “Jew David Stern hands over the NBA to Jew Adam Silver

  1. There is a Jew ‘commissioner’ (or whatever they call it) behind every professional sports league. At least in the US. And usually the owners are also predominantly Jews. No surprise. Same story everywhere else.

    We need to make an environment hostile to these and all Jews.

    We need to show the Jews that they are not welcome any place on this planet.

    I am referring to a basic outline or framework to removing the Jewish people from planet Earth. It is simple. Easy. Basic. Please hear me out:

    First we must create an environment of hate. The response to Jew crime has already planeted the seeds (and worse) for this. For example, the recent so-called ‘antisemitic’ (LOL!) ‘attacks’ in France in addition to the earlier (deserved) ‘murders’ of the Jews there will create an atmosphere of hate. This atmosphere is crucial. France, Greece (especially), and Italy are already doing this as a natural response to the eternal enemy Jew. My suggestion is to continue and carry out this anti-Jewish behavior whether it be verbal or violent. As for drawing swastikas, that is something only Jews do themselves for sympathy. I no not suggest it.

    I suggest creating an environment of hate. Show the Jew they are not welcome. Scare them. Use whatever it takes to make them all feel unsafe in the Western and Eastern world. I say Eastern just for the heck of it, almost no Jews live in the East. Russia is proud to have purged of almost their entire Jewish population.

    We must make them feel unsafe and than force them to make ‘aliyah’ to IsraHELL. Then all it takes is a well-place nuclear warhead. For example, nuke the Tel Aviv metro area and you will exterminate the majority of the world’s Jews. The Jewish people will easily be annihilated within only a few steps. The consequences are insignificant and minor. We can deal with a few ‘stay behind’ IsraeHEL submarines armed with missiles and nukes and the occasional surviving radical or isolate Jew.

    The fact is if we work together as a group of gentiles, we can kill all the Jews easily and with very little effort. I do not believe the Jew statistics about them being such an insignificant minority. Make no mistake, they are proportionately much larer than they claim and most live in the USA. I would guess that the Jews are 6% of the world’s population. But even if 1 in 50 human beings killed one Jew, it would go a long way to solving the Jewish problem once and for all. Either way we solve it, the outcome is one step closer to world peace for all of humanity. Only when the Jew is exterminated in physical form and also symbolically in essence will we finally be able to all get along as a collective group. We are getting closer and closer with every passing day.

    The Jew has enjoyed a golden age since 1948, but their time is up. Their annihilation has only been postponed while they have prospered off their lies and gotten people such as Americans to worship them via filth like Seinfeld. But postponed means there is an end and we are reaching an end for the enemy Jew. The Jew will pay for their crimes against the human race. The Jew will be annihilated utterly and completely. This parasite will be exterminated from all of creation, from this generation to the next. Even if their so-called god really existed and ‘chose’ them, what did it choose them for? And what will be its response when all of the Jews pay the ultimate price with their blood? We’ll find out, but I am not afraid of Jewish mythology. When every Jew is dead, thus so will be their jealous torture ‘god’ who sucks on infant penis blood. It deserves to share their fate. It is no ‘god’ of ours. Good riddance to the Jews and all their filth.

  2. The sad thing here is Zionists are not all Jews. Sure, some may be Jewish…but not all Zionists are Jews. This is their scapegoat. Yes, many Jews run shit in sports, music, and movies…but they are not Zionists. We must make the difference. There are jews who hate zionists. Sadly, zionists hate all of us who are not super rich like them.

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