Jew: “I want to travel back in time to mass murder White babies before goyyim grow big”

“I Would Kill Trump” Says ‘Making History’ star Adam Pally, If He Could

Bloodthirsty Infanticidal Jews demand to murder innocent White baby

What did this cute and adorable baby do wrong and why do bloodthirsty Jews want to murder him? The legendary German martyr Adolf Hitler grew up to learn of the evil and depraved nature of the vile Hebrew tribe and decided to fight for freedom and justice. Therefore, hooknosed monsters want to go back in time and end the precious life of our great National Socialist Aryan hero.

Would Ben Carson kill baby Hitler?

Jeb Bush: ‘Hell yeah’ I would kill baby Hitler

The White Christian cuckservative Jeb Bush is working in the service of the baby-murdering Jewish race, which is a disgusting homicidal tribe destined for complete annihilation. These hideous ratfaced vermin will pay a heavy price for not only kosher-slaughtering, but also abducting, torturing, raping and sacrificing in Talmudic blood passover rituals, our infants, for thousands of years.

Baby-Raping Jews Make Sadistic Murder-Porn Depicting Innocent German Child Being Run Over by Car

Mercedes-Benz Werbung 2013 / Non-authorized spot – Young Adolf Hitler gets murdered by car in new commercial – Hitler as a child murdered in insane commercial

Putin admits superiority of National Socialism to gang of Jews: "Goebbels was talented"
Bloodthirsty Jews funnel Swedish tax money to supply Moslem Terrorists with Shekels

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