National Socialist War Hero Mannerheim becomes Negro when Jews disgrace him in movie

Gustaf Mannerheim 1904, som generalmajor i den ryska armén

“Don’t believe your lying eyes, goyyim, Can’t you see that the Nordic war hero Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim is as black as a piece of charcoal?” – Evil Jewish Race

Suomen Marsalkka The Marshal of Finland Trailer

Adolf Hitler gratulerar Mannerheim på 75-årsdagen i juni 1942

Mannerheim fought alongside Hitler to rescue Northern Europe from bloodthirsty genocidal Marxist Jews. As soon as Hebrew movie-producers got involved, these ratfaced hooknosed Kikes transformed the National hero of Finland into a corrupt African warlord.

Femi-Marxist Jews invent torture-machine to Humiliate and Anally rape Innocent White Men

Jews in Sweden call this depraved torture device: “the Andro-chair”. It’s supposed to be a male version of a gynecologist chair for White European men. The homosexual Jew Carl Olof Berg demonstrates how Aryan boys must position themselves properly for the Hebrew sexual assault.

The Communist Feminist Jew Karin Ehrnberger stands ready with an electric drill. She has been fantasizing about inflicting excruciating pain and deadly bodily harm to random Caucasian guys. Jews are driven by a fanatic hatred for everything natural and healthy. Kikes are obsessed with poisoning the World and defiling the Universe. – Cultural-Marxist Jews have produced a gynecologist chair for White Men

Swedish Nationalists confront Bloodthirsty Genocidal Jews and their Vile Marxist puppets

Sinister sadistic Jews, along with brainwashed Communist so-called “goyyim”, were demanding that White people accept ethnic cleansing and extinction. Patriots showed up to protest against the Bolshevik mass murderers.

Nordisk Ungdom konfronterar svenskhatare på Medborgarplatsen

Jews laugh at your words. Yid only understands fists, kicks and bullets. The militant National Socialist fanatics of the Nordic Resistance Movement are determined to rescue their Nation from the death grip of Israel and beat back the Hebrew rodents into the deserts of the Middle East.

Brave Heroic Syrians shoot down Zionist aircraft – Evil Bloodthirsty Jews crash and burn

Damascus claims IDF warplane & drone shot down in Syria after attack, Israel denies

Israel Denies Syrian Claim Of Shooting Down Israeli Jet

Israeli Merkava tank completely destroyed by heroic Moslem freedom fighters. All Jewish aggressions must be answered with brutal force. Any Hebrew attack must result in massive Israelite casualties. Thousands of Zionist lives are not worth one Arab fingernail.