Rapist Jews are fanatically obsessed with defiling and exterminating the Swedish Nation

Jewish Bonnier Media Family Rapes Sweden

Jeanette Bonnier.

Another “Christian” Jew in Sweden is Helle Klein, a journalist and (female) priest who actively works against European nationalism through her think-thank “Seglora Smedja”. She is the great-granddaughter of Gottleib Klein, who was Grand Rabbi of Stockholm.
The Swedish church has lost many members recently, partly because of the influence of Cultural Marxists such as Klein and Bonnier.
– DestroyZionism.com

Despite looking like a full-blooded European, the media mogul Jonas Bonnier to the left is an enemy Jew. Together with the Jewish clan Hjörne, Jews have a monopoly on mass media in Sweden. The opinion shaping power Jews have, give them the ability to make or break any puppet politician.

The sinister hooknosed enemy Jew Jan Scherman has made himself a fortune in the lucrative Jewish industry of poisoning the Swedish mind. He has come handy to the Jewish Bonnier clan, who have a death grip monopoly on the opinion shaping industry in Sweden.
The former ‘TV4′ boss Jew Jan Scherman is a strategic adviser at Aftonbladet, which is already owned by the Jewish big bank Goldman Sachs.

The chief editor of the largest paper edition newspaper in Sweden is the enemy Jew Peter Wolodarski. ‘Dagens Nyheter’ is owned by the Jewish clan Bonnier, notorious media moguls who have a death grip monopoly on the opinion shaping industry in Sweden.

Source: http://www.friatider.se/bonnierchef-lovar-bek-mpa-vithet-i-sverige

Jewish-promoted race-mixing on the TV Channel TV4 in Sweden (owned by the Jewish Bonnier clan).

Enemy Jew Leif Pagrotsky has had a long political history in the Social Democrats in Sweden. On top of that he has managed to slither into high positions in everything from the Central Bank of Sweden (Riksbanken) to Minister of Education.

Big-mouthed, fat-lipped, hooknosed Jewish lawyer Leif Silbersky. He will defend everybody who pay him, except people who resist Jewish World conquest.

Willy Silberstein is the hideous monster Jew in the photo above. He is an active organized Jew, struggling day and night to subvert and poison the land he occupies. Currently, that country is Sweden. The Centre Party has had the misfortune of having this creature slither up through its ranks thanks to underhanded tactics and Jewish networking. Jew Silberstein is using his key position within the party to push alien invasion and anti-White genocide.

The pathetic nervous breakdown of the collective Jewish race is out in the open. You only need to turn the page in the filthy Jewish press to see the frenzied screams of the soon-to-be-extinguished Jewish vermin. The above screenshot is from a translated article in the newspaper Aftonbladet, based in Stockholm, Sweden. Aftonbladet is owned by Schibsted, based out of Norway. In turn, the biggest stakeholders in Schibsted are Jew banks such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Bank of New York Mellon.
Source: http://www.aftonbladet.se/debatt/article18245329.ab

The Jew Ingrid Lomfors held a speech in front of the entire Swedish establishment, politicians and the Swedish Royal Family, where she assured the Swedish ruling elite that the Islamic invasion of Europe is completely normal and natural. It is not a threat to a so-called “Swedish people” since that concept is an anti-Semitic figment of imagination in the minds of racist nazis. Does she believe that there is a Jewish People? The Jew Lomfors has studied in Jewish supremacist institutions such as Hebrew university in Jerusalem and Hebrew College in Boston. Note that these terrorist organizations are exclusive for members of the subhuman Jewish race. Lomfors has also written books about the so-called “Holocaust”, one of them called: ‘Lost childhood – regained life: The Jewish refugee children from Nazi Germany’ (Förlorad barndom – återvunnet liv: De judiska flyktingbarnen från Nazityskland). So apparently, she believes in the existence of a criminal Semitic tribe, but not any other ethnic group, especially White. During her speech, the entire audience, including the Monarch family, cheered and applauded to her genocidal demands. All the traitors agree with the Jew: The Swedish People must be wiped off of the face of the Earth.

Filthy enemy Jew Göran Rosenberg is an illegal occupant of Sweden. As an uninvited foreign guest, he has shown his gratitude to the Swedish people, by enthusiastically lobbying for the replacement and extermination of the original native population through ‘immivasion’.

Source: http://www.friatider.se/reinfeldt-sverige-tillh-r-invandrarna-inte-svenskarna

Source: http://www.friatider.se/pr-ster-svenska-kyrkor-b-r-bli-mosk-er

Source: http://www.friatider.se/kravet-beslagta-svenskars-hus-och-ge-dem-till-invandrare

JUDEN (The Jew).
“The time when the Swede could criticize the plans of the Chosen people unpunished has passed”

Birgitta Ohlsson Klamberg (possible Jewess) with her husband Mark Klamberg (Jew). Birgitta is Sweden’s current EU-minister. Some say she is Jew, and judging by her looks, it is almost a visually established fact, but it has not been absolutely confirmed yet. We can substantiate for certain though, that she is a disgusting Jew-lover, rabid Zionist whore to the enemy Jews. She is known to advocate an absurd Jew-World-Order globalism and “rights” for sodomizing faggots and lesbo filth.

Since it is illegal to criticize Jews and to oppose the Jewish-led ‘immivasion’ in Sweden, many people do it anonymously in comment-sections online. The genocidal Marxist Jew Robert Aschberg is not satisfied with simply prosecuting dissenters in court. He wants to hunt them down with a baseball bat and presumably bash their brains in, unless he is simply asking to play a friendly game of throw-and-catch. The text under the photo says: “Let the hunt begin”, so I am guessing it is the former option.

This unfortunate creation of multi-generational Jewish incestual inbreeding was recently appointed head-Jew at the largest outlet of Jewish propaganda in Sweden, namely ‘Dagens Nyheter’. Proud Norwegian viking Varg Vikernes was ready to use mortal force in self-defence just by seeing a photo of this demonic enemy Jew.

Just look at this parasite! The racial alien enemy Jew Peter Wolodarski wears a traditional Swedish “sommarkrans” on his head to try to look like a typical Swede. But that doesn’t change the fact that Wolodarski is a hooknosed beast whose life force is driven by a limitless mouth-foaming hatred towards the host nation he currently occupies. This ratfaced monster can wear whatever outer shell he wants, but he can never escape his evil Jewish genes.

Fredrik Reinfeldt makes no secret about which Ethnic group he is serving: the hooknosed beasts who want the Swedes annihilated from the face of the Earth.

You are looking at a Jew! This ugly specimen of the Jewish species goes by the name Helle Klein. She is the granddaughter of the physicist Oskar Klein and the great granddaughter of the rabbi Gottlieb Klein. Helle Klein served as political editor-in-chief of the newspaper Örebro-Kuriren from 1991 to 1995. In 1995 she started to work as an editorial writer for Aftonbladet, the largest newspaper in Sweden, where she was political editor-in-chief from 2001 to 2007. She was ordained priest in the Church of Sweden in January 2008.

The Jewish think-tank ‘Seglora Smedja’ is driven by anti-Swedish Jewess Helle Klein. The think-tank advocates thought-crime registration, persecution and harassment of true Christians, homosexuality, abortion, feminism, multiculturalism, mass immigration, etc.
Seglora, which camouflages itself as a Christian movement, advocated Muslim holidays in Sweden as early as last year. Helle Klein wrote back then: “to begin celebrating Eid Swedish style could be an effective way to blast narrowness and counter stereotypes.”
– Nationell.nu

The Jewish pedophile advocacy group and criminal terrorist organization Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith has its chapter in Sweden working to ban free speech and to torture all nationalists in gulags. It goes under the name ‘EXPO’ and was given almost half a million Swedish ‘Kronor’ by the traitorous Swedish government in 2013. It is expected of caricature-looking hooknosed Jews like Jonathan Leman to become activists for Jewish supremacism. Since he knows that when the Jew World Order falls, the nose will give him away instantly. So he is going to try to delay the coming annihilation of Zion. Simply the survival instinct of a blood-sucking parasite Jew. The Jew Jonathan Leman is also working for SKMA (Swedish Committee Against Anti-Semitism) and writes for ‘Judisk Krönika’ (Jewish Chronicle).

left: Jew Robert Aschberg (✡), right: gypsy Hasse Aro, anti-Swedish mass-immigration advocate who recently expressed his outrage in protest over a new anti-beastiality law in Sweden.

You are looking into the eyes of pure evil. The genocidal maniac David Schwarz proves that it only takes one Jew to destroy an entire nation. This ratfaced enemy Jew almost single-handedly enforced policy that even today, long after his death, is leading to the total extermination of the entire Swedish people. With fanatic determination and blood-dripping hatred, this alien monster spread poison and destruction upon one of the most beautiful nations on the planet.

According to himself, most of his relatives were transformed into soap, lampshade, Jew-lard, slippers and doormats in the Holohoax. Unfortunately Adam Cwejman survived and is actively poisoning Sweden. The Jew Cwejman became a member of Liberal Youth (LUF) in spring 2006, was second vice president of the LUF West in 2007, and entered into the LUF executive in 2008. He has previously worked as an ombudsman in Liberal Youth West and the European elections ombudsman for LUF.

The enemy Jew Jerzy Sarnecki is a professor in criminology at the University of Stockholm.

Jew-Puppet Politician: "Sweden will be safer after Whites are mixed and exterminated"
National Socialists execute anti-Semitic Order 66 - The Great Purge against Learned Elders of Zion

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